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Recycle a Soda Bottle into a Coin Purse

9 February 2009 300,083 views 48 Comments

by heather

Did you know that 80% of plastic bottles aren't recycled? What to do with those landfill hogs? Green Upgrader posted this adorable coin purse made from two recycled 20 oz. soda bottles. They also give additional soda bottle crafting suggestions - cut bottle lengthwise for a clutch, anyone?  [download instructions here] [PET bottle purse FB page] [via best of diy] [designed by]

I like this coin purse project as it is a little more modern-looking than many of the kitschy recycled can craft projects out there. I can see myself carrying one of these recycled soda can coin purses much more than I can imagine myself wearing a crocheted beer can dress (much love to Stitchy McYarnpants).

You can get these soda bottles at the dollar store, but why not just recycle some already-enjoyed soda bottles instead? The trick to sewing the zipper onto the bottle is punching holes in the bottle so you can sew through them (kind of like a preschool sewing card). Poke holes with a 1/16" craft punch or just a heated needle. Then stitch through the holes to secure the zipper.

Project Estimate:

  • 2 20oz soda bottles, empty, $2 or on hand
  • Zipper, $1

Total cost: $1 and up

UPDATE February 2010: I got a note from the creator of this project, Zitta Schnitt, with more information on how it was made:

The PET Bottle Purse consists of two pieces of PET bottles and a zipper. The transformed item of daily use allocates a new place in its usage. It becomes little companion from everyday life for everyday life. PDF instructions for how to make a pet bottle purse here.

Design: Zitta Schnitt, 2004

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  • jannypie said:

    i just wanted you to know i enjoy subscribing to your blog, and want to say thank you for bringing such great ideas! happy valentine’s day(here is a little image too http://i41.tinypic.com/fkceog.jpg)

  • esoterica said:

    Great idea! May I ask, what exactly did you use to attach the zipper?

  • heather (author) said:

    Looks like it was sewn on – probably using a needle and thread. Here’s the original photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/miulein/437902193/

  • Barbara said:

    I just love this craft site. You really come up with some clever ideas. Thanks so much.

  • Christina said:

    Heather… combining this project with Threadbanger’s water bottle beads (http://tinyurl.com/b3yvt9) and the DIY plastic bag dispenser that uses the top of a bottle for the opening (of course I can’t find any tutorials on this… maybe I’ll make one!), will recycle the entire bottle! Yay green crafting!!

  • heather (author) said:

    Oh yeah, I love that water bottle beads tutorial!! Good call, Christina!

  • Andi - udandi said:

    get outta town, that’s so kooky cool!

  • Jena Ardell said:

    Added to the list of crafts I NEED to make!! Such an innovative idea. LOVE IT.

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  • Michelle said:

    I made one this afternoon. I used a really small scrapbook hole punch to make the holes to sew through, and used crochet/tatting thread to set it. It’s adorable! Thanks so much for this idea!

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  • Stripy Socks said:

    This is brilliant… I am going to make one for my Niece, she would love one of these!!

  • Dindie said:

    Last night I bought myself two bottles of sprite to make this *blush*…I can’t help it, it’s irresistable.

  • Beryl said:

    What a great idea, love it!

  • Kashi-Rawr said:

    Thats cool but the zipper………….. could YOU glue it in???? HMMMM..

  • Kashi-Rawr said:

    How did you put the zipper in? :'(

  • Miss Jay Hart said:

    Cute and clever idea. I would try Zip Dri glue for the zipper to plastic.

  • ayette said:

    hehhehe.. i like this recycled project ! it is very unique. but i need more information about this ! can you make me one ??

  • susi cain said:

    great idea thanks a millon keep them coming

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  • Kulsum said:

    How cute..!
    Thanks..! x

  • racquel said:

    Funny–i thought it was a refrigerator saver for green bell peppers!

  • Bonnie said:

    Why not hot glue zipper in? Make handel out of scrap and attach.

  • Carrie Himel said:

    I really like this! I’m going to make it with my daughter and post on my blog!

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  • Leslie @ Glenn Family Gardens said:

    Fantastic!!!! I love recycled crafts. Check out my blog if you like! I got some recycled craftiness as well :)

  • Deepika said:

    Looks so useful and easy to make. I need to get on making one :-)

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  • wannabpharm said:

    Absolutely, brilliant!!!!

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  • allana comiso said:

    I wanna make one…it’s so cute….:D
    But how to make it?
    I need it fo
    r my project

  • natalie said:

    That’s sooooo adorable!!!! i’ gonna make one tomorrow<3<3

  • Dade said:

    Cool! I got sent this article and made a few of these (didn’t turn out so pretty) to hold small garage items. Nuts, screws, bolts, etc and you can just throw them in a tool box and move on! Thanks!

  • aimee said:

    I love racquel’s idea about the green pepper holder but insted of green peppers how about apples? It would protect them better then the hand crochet apple cozies people make. I can also see some kind of “gobble up” counting game for kids. glue on some googlie eyes and then keep the pieces for the game in it- how about all the missed matched pieces from board games. I think I am going to be busy making bunches of these!

  • gabrielle said:


  • Joni said:

    Oh now that is genius! Why didn’t I think of that? LOL

  • Kevin - DIY Dork said:

    That really is cool. I’ve played around with projects using zippers in my day… and glue always ends up looking globby & just not right. I love how beautifully it was sewn together through the little holes.

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  • ana henderson said:

    this iz so cool

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  • saadia said:

    i really like these activities with recycling items, as i am an art teacher of junior classes and i need new ideas in every year, so kindly send me new ideas which i will use with my school kids

    thanks a lot

  • chuc said:

    HI! thanks you for this amazing post. I will use it as my presentation today for our reycling project at school. thank you so much for such a wonderful idea. Have a nice day!

  • pren10 said:

    Slightly misleading title. The purse was made out of bottles (two) not a bottle. I guess the other halves made it to the landfill.

    Anyway, I like it!!



  • maureenchance said:

    I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!! :)