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Upcycle an Egg Carton into a Pendant Lamp

5 February 2009 16,546 views 13 Comments

by heather

This cool pendant light was made using a common recycling item: egg cartons! We buy eggs by the 5 dozen and we have so many of these purple egg cartons. I am excited to try this project out!

The inspiration project estimate is a cost of about $30. You can reduce this estimate quite a bit by purchasing many of these supplies at the dollar store. The project also calls for "metal hardware cloth" which I have never used. I found it online for $7.39, but it seems like you could substitute another, cheaper material for the hardware cloth. I need to go check out the dollar store to see what they have that might work. You might be able to use chicken wire, for example. Or what if you used an oatmeal canister and poked holes in it?

Project Estimate:

  • Extension cord, $2 and up
  • One strand of 50-count miniature white Christmas lights*, $3
  • Paper pulp egg cartons (at least 80 cups), on hand
  • Metal hardware cloth, $7.39
  • 50 4-inch zip-ties, 10 for $1, total of $5
  • High temp hot glue gun, on hand

Total cost: $17.39 and up

*You could sub LED Christmas lights for even less energy used, less heat from lightbulbs

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  • Candy said:

    So, where are the directions?

  • heather (author) said:

    Eep- sorry, I fixed the blog entry to link to the original article!


  • Vone said:

    I love this – saw it awhile ago and saved it under my inspiration pages. I would love to try and make it.

  • Kelly Mellott said:

    This is so cool! I’m totally obsessed! But do you need to worry about it getting over-heated and catching fire? Maybe I’m just a worrier…

  • heather (author) said:

    If you use LED Christmas lights, you’re probably totally safe. I know the newer Christmas lights (just regular ones) are a lot less hot than they used to be, too. But, I don’t know if you can be sure that it won’t cause a fire!

  • stacieb said:

    How cute is that! It looks like a bouquet of violets to me! Cute for a sun porch in the summer!

  • SheWolf said:

    I could so make this! I’ve got tons of old egg flats around (I live near a poultry farm) that I can easily color…

    Thanks so much for this!

  • kudzu said:

    oh my goodness! i love your site and i don’t know how i missed this cutie! this will be perfect for my daughters room. HOPEFULLY i’ll get to this soon. great suggestion trying the oatmeal box, ya’ll!
    ..and i was looking for halloween crafts using egg cartons to make with my grandson when i found this :D

  • jenea said:

    this is pretty SWEEETTT!!!
    i was looking at simple ideas i could use for making a flower prject at schoolll! dont worry i wont take this same idea but coloring the egg cartons was a awesome idea i love purple!!.

  • Christy Burleson said:

    where did you find purple egg cartons? or did you just dye them?

  • heather (author) said:

    @christy, I have seen them in those big bulk packs of eggs (5 dozen?) from Costco & other grocery stores.

  • Maria said:

    Hi! where can I find assemble instructions for this beautiful lamp?

  • heather (author) said:

    Hi Maria! The instructions are here: http://www.addicted2decorating.com/diy-project-lighting-egg-carton-flower-pendant-light.html