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Make Angelina Fiber with Easter Grass

16 March 2009 6,274 views 5 Comments

by heather

Reader Judy Streger tipped me off about her amazing experimentation with plastic Easter grass to create a substance much like Angelina Fiber. She also had to tip me off about what exactly Angelina Fiber is, but once I found out (an iridescent fusible fiber used for fabric, paper, and other crafting), I was impressed with her findings! You can find Easter grass a-plenty at the Dollar Store this time of year, so go pick some up and start experimenting according to Judy's findings! Or save the grass from your kiddo's Easter basket to use after the holiday is over!

She also experimented with fusing punchinella (the background left after sequins are punched out) into beads! I love that idea! She fused the punchinella around a dowel using an iron and two layers of parchment paper.

Project Estimate:

  • Easter grass, $1 (or on hand, after Easter!!)
  • Parchment paper, on hand
  • Iron, on hand

Total cost: FREE and up

Thanks, Judy, for sharing your findings with us!

Here's a photo of fused Angelina Fiber from Sojournersheep.com (some info on Angelina at this page). [The Sojourner Blog]

For a very good idea of what Angelina Fiber is and how it works (plus lots of gorgeous pictures!) check iHanna's page.

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  • TJ said:

    That’s gorgeous! We have paper “grass” in our baskets, and it stays in there from year to year, but I think I’ll be hitting Target after Easter to get some of this fusible stuff on clearance…

  • Sally @ Crafts Beads said:

    very interesting idea never heard of this before

  • Aunt LoLo said:

    You’ve got some love over on my craft blog!

  • Judy Streger said:

    Thanks so much for highlighting my experiment with Easter grass. I had so much fun playing with this stuff and hope your readers enjoy their experimenting as much as I did.

  • Betty said:

    I used some irredescent plastic grass with good luck. I tried adding some of the colored grass to it but they melt differently and wouldn’t stick together.