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Make Gift Bag Robot Costumes

28 June 2009 5,643 views 3 Comments

by heather


Parents of toddlers and preschoolers know that you have to have a LOT of fun activities in your arsenal to keep those little bodies occupied. Here's a project I love from a blog I LOVE: Gift Bag Robots from Filth Wizardry. If you have young kids and have time to read only one blog, it should be Filth Wizardry. I'll miss you, though! :) [click here for full project info]

You can find oversize metallic giftbags at the dollar store, along with colorful round stickers and labels. This should keep your kids busy for a little while! This would be a super-fun birthday activity for a robot-themed party. I can even see goodie bags made with teeny metallic bags and decorated in this manner.

Project Estimate:

  • Metallic gift bag, $1
  • Stickers and labels, $1 and up or on hand

Total: $1 and up

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  • Andrea said:

    Great idea. I’ve never been to Filth Wizardry, but I’m gonna go check it out.

  • Myrnie said:

    That is AWESOME!!

  • JuxtaPoser said:

    This is a much faster and more comfy approach to the tinfoil-wrapped boxes I remember using as a kid. Do those bags come in adult sizes?