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Make Tissue Paper Ball Decorations

14 July 2009 46,080 views 5 Comments

by heather

Jessica at Happy Together constantly amazes me with her creative ideas in the areas of decorating, fashion, accessories, and sewing. She does amazingly cute (and frugal) decorations and flower arrangements for events like wedding showers. She made these Martha-inspired tissue paper ball hanging decorations for a recent shower, and when I requested a tutorial for them, she obliged. Thanks so much, Jessica!! [click here for the tissue paper ball tutorial]

These are a great example of my ideal dollar store decorations: handmade, extremely inexpensive, simple, and with big impact. You can use these for any festive occasion: parties, showers, celebrations, holidays, etc. You can vary the size and color according to your needs.

Project Estimate:

  • Large sheets of tissue paper (10 for large ball), $1 for package
  • Pipe cleaner, $1 for package
  • Fishing wire for hanging, on hand
  • Paper clip for hanging, on hand (optional)

Total: $2 for a bunch

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  • Jessica said:

    you made me blush! you are so sweet. thanks for the link love!

  • Jess said:

    I think these would work great for a wedding too. (And a few of the “related posts” – folding paper lantern, soap ball surprise – are making me think cheap wedding decor & favours too).

    And thanks for introducin me to Jessica’s blog :)

    – Jess (& psyche from Craftster)

  • hyperart said:

    How funny! I had just written about the same project! I love these pom-poms! They make such a cheerful impact in any space.

    Jessica’s are so bright and colorful! Great pictures in the tutorial too. :)

    Here’s my version of the poms: http://hyperartpro.com/blog/tutorials/pom-poms-max

  • Jane said:

    Ha! Just goes to show what goes around comes round-if you live long enough! I made these by the hundreds back in the 60’s and 70’s. They were great hippie flowers, still a great and simple idea!

  • amy said:

    So cute! I made these once as a kid as “flowers” (we must have put them in a little pot or something) but I never thought to hang them. What a great party decorating idea!