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Dollar Store Rental Kitchen Makeover

10 February 2010 30,668 views 8 Comments

by heather

Over at Curbly, Lilybee posted about her dramatic kitchen makeover that cost just $15. Yep, two digits, one and five. CRAZY! With her fifteen bucks, Lilybee was able to cover several cabinets with white contact paper, make a removable backsplash with placemats and thumbtacks, and create a new light fixture. The best part of this kitchen refresher is that it's completely removable (imperative since Lilybee is a renter). These techniques could be useful in a dorm room or other rental situation, or anywhere you just need a little kitchen redo for less than twenty bucks. [click here for the rental kitchen makeover] [click here for how to cover cabinets with contact paper]

Project Estimate:

  • Contact paper, $1 a roll (6 rolls for this project)
  • Plastic placemats, $1 each (5 for this project)
  • Thumbtacks, $1 a box (2 for this project)
  • Salad bowl, $1
  • Flexible chopping board, $1

Total: $15

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  • Sophia said:

    That’s incredible! Thanks so much for the link! My parents have been wanting to redo their kitchen cabinets, but they can’t afford even a few hundred dollars, so this would be a great idea for them!

  • JHill said:

    That is inspiring! I don’t know what to be more impressed with, the placemat backsplash or the awesome new light fixture!
    So cool!

  • Kathy V. said:

    Kudos for such thrifty creativity and great eye pleasing results!

  • carolanne said:

    What a wonderful idea! I rent as well and the rules about decorating are very limiting but I really don’t want to live with all white walls for the next couple of years. Instead of thumbtacks though, I wonder if double sided tape would work just as well? Any holes, no matter how small, have to be filled in before moving and filling in many tack holes would drive me loony:) Just an idea:)

  • carolanne said:

    woops…you mentioned the double sided tape…lol…guess reading at 6am before the third cup of coffee isn’t a good idea:)

  • Diane said:

    MARVELOUS! Especially since I love damask patterns and have icky 80’s cabinetry- all dark wood and pineapple-handles. I will totally be doing something like this in my kitchen.

  • Sara said:

    I love this idea! I did the contact paper cabinets to my kitchen, and it turned out wonderful. Best part, was that it was only $9.00 for the whole kitchen. Thank you for this project!

  • Sara said:

    Thank you so much for this idea. I did it to my kitchen and it turned out great. It looks like I bought new cabinets. The whole project cost me $10!