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Make a Peeps-Inspired Frame

29 March 2010 3,217 views 7 Comments

by heather

A frame adorned with Peeps shapes make a sweet gift for Easter and beyond. These are a lightweight treat to slip inside an Easter greeting card destined for Grandma's house.

I used a cookie cutter from a Peeps play dough kit I found at the dollar store to make the template for the Peeps bunny. The kit came with two different sizes of bunnies (a cookie cutter & a plastic container), and some plastic stamps. The play dough was dried out, just FYI if you wanted to use it for its original purpose! I used frames found in the wedding section - they were 6 for $1.

Project Materials:

  • Peeps play dough kit, $1 (or get template from Chica & Jo)
  • Wedding favor frames, $1 (or cut a frame out of recycled cardboard)
  • Craft foam, on hand or $1
  • Sparkly craft foam (optional), $1
  • Craft glue, on hand

Total: $2 and up

To Make:

To make the bunnies: trace the bunny containers on the craft foam. Cut out. Draw eyes and nose on the bunny with a permanent marker.

Another option for cutting out the Peeps shape is to make an impression in the craft foam with the cookie cutter.

Cut out a rectangle of craft foam the same size as your frame.

To cut out the hole in the frame, I turned the frame over with the foam on top of it, and kind of traced the hole with my fingernail onto the foam. Then I cut out the area I traced.

Glue the foam frame onto the top of the frame. Then glue your bunny on.

Add a photo, and you're done!

Here's another version with two Peeps.

Check out my Funny Bunny frame tutorial today at Make & Takes.

For more Peeps fun:

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  • Laura @ PARING DOWN said:

    My kids love peeps! What an easy way to make a cute photo frame, and $1 for the play dough set of stencils is AWESOME!

  • Jen said:

    Oh my goodness! You just keep pullin’ out the most adorable frames. Love it.

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  • pam said:

    I do not even believe it! Those peeps are becoming ubiquitous! Adorable idea for lots of applications.

  • Care said:

    I love it!! There is just something so cute about Peeps — I love that they are showing up in so many crafts! :o)

  • Easter crafts and recipes | Bohemian Revolution said:

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  • Mod Podge Amy said:

    These totally rock! Great idea!

  • melinda said:

    I have been looking everywhere for that cutter! I want one so bad!