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Make Wine Glass Candle Lamps

13 March 2010 132,138 views 22 Comments

by heather

Need an elegant, yet simple table decoration for a wedding reception, shower, or birthday party? Look no further than these sweet wine glass candle lamps by Save-On-Crafts via CasaSugar. The materials are simple, as is the process, but the results are fantastic, and will make a big impact on your special event. You can find wine glasses and tea lights (I would go with battery-operated tea lights just because of the paper shade) at the dollar store, and pick up some vellum at your favorite craft store (with your 40% off coupon, of course!) [click here for project instructions]

Project Estimate:

  • Vellum sheets, $2.99/10 sheets
  • Wine glass, $1
  • Battery-operated tea light, 2 for $1
  • Glue, on hand
  • Template, free PDF, on hand

Total: $1.79 per light

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  • Wendy Piersall said:

    I’m having one of those hit-your-forehead-I-shoudla-thought-of-that moments! Love it!

  • Care said:


  • Jennifer M. said:

    I love this idea! Amazing and simple with huge impact.

  • Juliet A said:

    want to make this even less expensive? Make faux vellum by swiping regular white copy paper with baby oil.

  • Beth said:

    So easy, so cute! Fab. idea!

  • Ali G said:

    this would even be cute with just a wine glass and candle with maybe some sand or those glass rocks (they have both at the dollar store) under the candle. i used glass vases with sand and candles all from the dollar store for my parents anniversary party. Cheap and so pretty

  • Mila said:

    Gorgeous! How about having kids decorate the shades for a nice Mother’s Day gift for Grandma or change the color/prints of the paper to suit a theme for a special family supper decoration (eg. Christmas)?

  • pam said:

    Beautiful! and so simple. Just imagine about 20 of these clustered in the middle of a picnic table on a warm summer evening! Who would ever want to leave?

  • iHanna said:

    So cute, thanks for pointing it out to us! I would go for colored papers to make it more of a lantern look!

  • The American Homemaker said:

    I’ve actually made those before using cheap Ikea wine glasses and they came out fabulously :)

  • Make a Pretty Cut-Paper Lamp | Dollar Store Crafts said:

    […] Looks like you could use it as a shade for the Wine Glass Lamp. […]

  • ...love Maegan said:

    this is fabulously creative!

  • Valery said:

    I have actually made these before seeing this post, but I wanted to add how incredibly cute they are and they sure do add a flair of elegance when they are used. :)

  • Johnathan said:

    Hi, I just wanted to echo that this is a really great idea. Truly. I was just telling my sister (who got married in the courthouse without any family, in a flowery dress meant for a 90’s homecoming) that weddings are easier than ever and prettier than a picture thanks to the invention of the internet and awesome posts like yours.

    It doesn’t have to be pricey-pricey to look great and your post really rang true.

    I also think this could go for so many other ideas, even a simple stay at home ‘schmancy’ dinner of steak and onions could be livened up with these. So many ways to include this centerpiece I want to have a special occasion every night!

  • daisy said:

    these are sooo adorable & chic! perfect for a DIY dinner party :]

  • Lobo360 said:

    I used this and they turn out fantastic, made a few changes though and thought I’d post incase anyone else could benefit, but also to check that the changes I made are okay/safe.

    Firstly I used standard tea lights, I can see how the led ones are more safe but my lampshades didn’t burn or singe at all.

    Secondly, I believe the use of Vellum paper is just because of it’s translusant properties and not that they are heat safer in any way? I used bright wrapping paper for mine, it was solid colour but under dim lighting with the tea lights they became semi translusant and looked great. Also the wrapping paper wasn’t stiff like card is but once the edges were fixed it held it’s form wonderfully.

    Lastly I found the template was great for smaller wine glasses but if you wanted more of skirt it will need to be extended from the 10cm length it currently provides.

  • Lobo360 said:

    I’d also like to share how I used the template to make a bigger shade.
    In effect I took the exitsting template and increased the skirt depth by 5cm, but as this involved drawing a nice smooth even arc I looked to finding appropriate round items in the home to draw around.

    I found the neck of the template is of a circle about 17cm in diameter / 8.5cm radius (Small sausepan lid sized).
    The skirt is 10cm so of a circle about 37cm in diameter / 18.5 radius.
    So to add 5cms to the skirt was to add 5cms to the radius / 10cm to the diameter making a circle of about 47cm diameter.

    Fortunately I had a table that was just about right and drew round this. I think a dustbin lid would also do it, but sausepans, paella dishes etc which looked big were only about the size of the current template. I’d go for anything between 45 & 50 cm diameter if you can find something. If not try a self made compass – take a peice of string the desired length, tie it to a pen, ankor it in the center and draw around to the length of the string.

    The template is also about 1/3 of a circle (120 degrees). So from my new ring I cut into thirds for 3 perfect shades for a larger wine glass / longer drop. They were the perfect proportions based on how I felt the shade should look and position themselves.

    To try and make my paper go further I also tried quarter circles. These still worked and looked great, however, this made them narrower. This wasn’t quite as esthetically pleasing and meant they sat too high on a larger wine glass, leaving the bottom exposed. On a smaller wine glass they also sat higher so for the 2inchs I gained in skirt length, I lost 1inch due to it sitting higher.

    Hope this is of help.

  • Chanda Chapin said:

    LOVE this… great idea..

  • paul hopper said:

    Wow, that’s fabulous.

  • Joelle said:

    Just thought I’d mention that you can get a pack of 6 basic wine glasses for less than $1 each at Ikea if you want to save even more. (and no, I don’t work at Ikea, nor am I affiliated, just love the store);-)