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How to Decorate for a Twilight Party?

12 April 2010 10,672 views 9 Comments

by heather

[Twilight Zone Sign Redo by Katie at Superflash Photography]

Okay, readers, we need your brainstorming for this question from Heather:

Help! My daughter will be 14 in 2 weeks, and wants a Twilight party- I need some inexpensive ideas on what to use for decor!

Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)

The good news is, just a few decorations go a long-long way! Here are some ideas of how to decorate cheaply for your Twilight party.

Suggestions for cheap decor:

  • First of all, you have to pick up a couple bags of Red Delicious apples! It doesn't get any cheaper than decorating with fruit!
  • Pick up black and red partyware at the dollar store: tablecloths, plates, cups. Very cheap yet impactful, and a great backdrop for other decor.
  • Hannah at the DSC Facebook page suggested: Glitter 'cause the vampires sparkle!

New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2)

  • Pick up some faux tulips from the dollar store. Custom paint some white tulips with red paint or nail polish (for a more blood-red color).
  • I know roses aren't part of the books, but if you can find red rose petals in the wedding section of your dollar store, they still might work! Or, white rose petals and give them the red paint treatment. It'd be cute to sew them into a quick garland!

Eclipse (The Twilight Saga)

  • A few spools of red ribbon will tie in with "Eclipse" and also be useful for decorating for the party. Ooh, it could be cute to glue red ribbon around some black party cups.

Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4)

  • At the DSC Facebook page, Chris suggested: Create a chessboard feel on the tabletops by using your black tablecloth as a backdrop, and taping white cardstock squares in a checkerboard pattern across the top of the table.

  • If you can find them, use a few dollar store finials painted in black and white (or white and red, like on the "Breaking Dawn" book cover) to further suggest chess. (These are some of the finials I have at my house, and they just remind me of chess pieces!)

Other Cheap Props:

  • Netting is cheap at the fabric store (I found red tulle at Fabric.com for $.99 a yard, and also adds a romantic air to decorations. If you have a black backdrop, either white or red netting could be a good accent to your table decor.
  • I swear by crepe paper streamers. There's not a bigger bang for your buck! To make them more sophisticated, make these 2-layer ruffled streamers.

Twilight Food Ideas:

  • Red Velvet Cake: you can get red velvet cake mix at the store. I think this is the most frugal way to make a RV cake because otherwise you have to use an entire bottle of red dye in your scratch cake!
  • Ooh, it'd be cute to make cake pops, a la Bakerella. Make 'em look like apples (without happy faces)?
  • Hannah suggested candy apples at the DSC Facebook page, and they would look super pretty. You can get a candy apple mix at the grocery store for a buck, or make your own.

Other Resources:


Readers, add your great ideas in the comments! How would you decorate for a Twilight party on a budget?

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  • Heather H said:

    Fantastic ideas- thank you so much for the help Heather!

  • samantha said:

    I would also use a lot of the small twinkly lights, like white christmas lights. Alice in the book always has lots of them up at her parties in the book. Also at the end of Chapter one in the New Moon book is a discription of Bellas’ Birthday party that the Cullens had for her. So you could get some ideas from that.

  • Karen said:

    Well, I don’t have great ideas for decorating necessarily but I went to a Twilight Party and the food was the best decoration of all.

    1. Half-dressed dogs – Hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls but make sure half the dog is sticking out of the top of the roll.

    2. Red, White and Black M&M’s – You can get all one color M&M’s at Michaels crafts or a party supply store

    3. Red, White and Black balloons could be a nice decoration.

    4. A sheet cake that looks like a chess set (the inside could be red velvet.

    5. Light Red, black and white candles

    6. Blood themed Drink labels (http://www.hostessblog.com/2009/04/host-a-twilight-theme-party-at-home/)

    Well, many of these ideas I got from googling “Twilight Party Ideas” You could probably find lots more this way. Good luck!

  • Heather H said:

    Twinkle lights is a great suggestion- thank you!

    For cake, I’m doing these cupcakes:


    I’m thinking of a candy buffet in all red, white, and black- at least on a small scale, along with big fat vases with apples in them (maybe they’ll even actually eat the fruit- gasp!)

    For drinks, I want to grab some red Jones Soda and some red Juice or Vitamin Waters, and mod podge new lables on them.

    We’re having the party May 1st. I’ve also thought about a craft-busting project for the girls- I have several dollar store canvases they could each cover with scrapbook paper, then decorate to take home.

  • Clarissa said:

    For party favors, it would be fun to hand out body glitter and plastic fangs.

  • Claire said:

    Serve ravioli with tooth picks! Make a mix cd of Edward type music, or play the soundtrack from the movie. Play pin the tail on the werewolf, get a poster of Jake and then cut out cardboard wolf tails, blindfold kids and let them stick a tail on the cutey.

  • amy said:

    Oooh great ideas! We’re doing an Eclipse-themed blood drive on 4th of July weekend, so I’m going to bookmark this!

  • Rachel said:

    These are such fun ideas! I have a couple of Twilight Party Roundups as well. I’ll be sure and add this to my next one!



  • Lisa said:


    Here are a few things that I did for one of the many parties. The bottle idea was from hostesswiththemostess blog. To make the party interactive. I found a dollar store calendar of Edward and put them in picture frames all over the house the kids had to search all over. what did not make it in these pictures was the forks sign. I hand painted a real forks sign that we hung up over the door…