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Call for Ideas: Victorian Tea Party

28 May 2010 12,284 views 5 Comments

by heather

Over at the Dollar Store Crafts Facebook page, reader Erika asked for decoration ideas: I am planning a victorian style tea party for my daughters 4th birthday. I have already started on the goodie bags which currently include a white woven purse, pearl necklace/bracelet/earings set. Flimsy straw like hats (I still need to glue the flowers to them). I still need to pick up boas and scarfs. Any ideas on the decorations? I have lots of silk flowers and the table clothes already.

My quick decoration ideas:

  • Silhouettes (this would also be a fun activity idea for the party-goers--make their silhouettes)
  • Check the wedding section at the dollar store for lacy doilies and other frilly white stuff
  • Make two-layer gathered streamers out of white and/or pink
  • Victorian cones (another fun activity idea)

Your turn, readers!

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  • J. Hill said:

    I think it would be fun to make fans with the girls too. There are tons of tutorials online for making smaller fans with popsicle sticks or larger ones with the paint stirring sticks you get at home improvement stores. You can use paper, lace, ribbon, glitter…. lots of fun for little girls!

  • Louisa @ RecycleThis said:

    How about making tiered cake stands for crusts-cut-off sandwiches and cupcakes? This blog post shows you how to make them out of thrifted sundae glasses & glass plates and also from plastic plates & cups from the dollar store. The latter is probably more appropriate for 4 year olds but if the plastic stuff is too modern in design, you just can cover it with doilies.


  • The Answer Is Chocolate said:

    How about individual keepsake cupcake plates? I’m thinking pretty floral saucers (thrift or dollar store of course!) that could have each guest’s name written on it. Place a pretty cupcake on top and then they can take home and keep the saucer as a party favor?

  • Erika S said:

    Thank you so much for the ideas!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the make your own cake stand! I am totally going to get started on finding the perfect plates! I know I should go plastic but I’m going glass with the tea cups and saucers so I might as well with the stands too!

    Fans would be adorable too. I have the perfect paper for them as well. My daughter and I are making every thing before the party, she will be excited to learn how to make a fan!

    Plates to give out would be nice, but I have a set of saucers, cups, plates I am using that are true victorian style. We are doing cute name cards for a keepsake.

  • heather (author) said:

    Ideas from Camille at our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Dollar-Store-Crafts/161233564682)

    Make Tea Hats. They’ve been a huge hit for us.
    2 sheets of newsprint for each hat
    Masking tape
    Colored tissue paper… See More
    Misc. stuff for decorations (see ideas below)

    1. Use at least two sheets of large newsprint per hat.
    2. Place the sheets at different angles (should look like an 8 point star).
    3. Center it over the person’s head, and hold & scrunch down to make a head shaped dome in the center.
    4. Wind masking tape around the bottom of the dome (app. ear level). Not too tight! Leave an inch or so of “head room.”
    5. Scrunch and roll the sides in to finish the brim shape as desired.
    6. Paint hat with mixture of white glue & water. Cover with colored tissue paper.
    7. Decorate hats with whatever you please – tissue paper flowers, feathers, sequins, streamers, bits of lace & trim, etc.
    8. Allow hats to dry a bit before wearing.

    Ideas for decorating your tea party hat:

    * Paint or spray paint the paper before it is made, or after the hat is shaped…. See More

    * Make a ribbon or paper band to cover the masking tape.

    * Make a fringe out of paper, fabric, or ribbon to go around the brim. Or make streamers to hang off the end.

    * Use glitter glue to draw designs on the paper.

    * Glue on yarn, ribbon, pom poms, fancy buttons, sequins, or whatever you have on hand.

    * Use markers or crayons to draw designs on the hats.

    * Cut out shapes from the left over paper and glue on.

    * Make it into an Easter Bonnet by gluing on some silk flowers from an old arrangement or 2nd hand store.

    * Glue on tiny animals, birds, etc. to make a scene.

    * Let the kids come up with more ideas.

    APRONS FOR TEAPARTY: Every hostess needs a “good” apron for her serving duties.

    Pick up some dollar store tea towels or curtains. For the towels, stitch on wide grosgrain ribbon for a waistband/tie. If using curtains, cut a strip for a tie or use the tiebacks. For very little girls, a curtain valance will work and it’s already ruffled. If the tea towels you choose have matching potholders, give one to each of the guests as a favor.