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How to Plant Upside-Down Plants

5 June 2010 5,716 views 4 Comments

by heather

Have you seen those Topsy Turvy planters that grow tomatoes upside-down? I keep seeing them at the store and telling myself that I need to figure out how to make a Dollar Store Crafts version. Well, Jenny at DIY Newlyweds went and made her own, so now I can just share her link with you! Thanks for making my life easier, Jenny! Yes, you can plant veggies in a hanging basket and let them grow upside-down [find out how to plant upside-down plants] [thanks again, michelle]

As those of you who have been looking for wire baskets to make the beaded chandelier have probably noticed, it can be hard to find a hanging basket at the dollar store these days, but you can also use any plastic container (like a 5 gallon bucket) and drill a large hole in the bottom. You probably have something on hand you can use!

Project Estimate:

  • Hanging basket, $1 and up
  • Veggie plant, $1 and up
  • Recycled plastic lid, on hand
  • Potting soil, $3 and up or on hand

Total: $2 and up

You can grow plants other than tomatoes. How about cucumbers or small bell peppers? I wonder if you could grow kitchen herbs in small hanging baskets? You can also plant lettuces on the tops of your hanging gardens.

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  • Emily said:

    I found some free hanging baskets, I need to try this! A tip, using the wire baskets (with a coconut liner) might not work. I tried that a couple years ago, and the dirt was too close to the top of the basket, and whenever I tried to water, the water would just spill out, and not soak in. I don’t remember if I used potting soil, but I think I did. I will be using deep plastic “bucket” type planters, and hope that works better.

  • dot said:

    I just love the photo on this one!

  • Rhiannon said:


    Ive made a cheaper version of this using empty soda bottles. I cut them in half and have the plant coming out of the mouth of the bottle. Great way to recycle plastic bottles

  • Brown2be said:

    Like most hanging pants, the topsy-turvy really benefits from slow watering. To save time (& keep the deck clean), I’ve been filling liter water bottles and putting them in the freezer over night. The next morning, I just invert the bottles into my planter and let the heat of the day do the slow watering for me!