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Make a Fabulous Paper Clip Chandelier

7 June 2010 92,013 views 18 Comments

by heather

Paper clips have to be one of the seven wonders of DIY world. MacGuyver never went anywhere without one! These fabulous chandeliers are made from paper clips - amazing, aren't they? I found out about the paper clip chandelier thanks to a Craftster dollar store crafting swap I'm currently participating in. Craftster user skullseamstress created the lamp entirely from dollar store materials, using a tutorial she purchased from Re:Design Technologies on Etsy. Skullseamstress posted a nice flickr set of her paper clip chandelier including making it and packing it to ship to her swap partner. [click here for the paperclip chandelier gallery]

As for the tutorial for making this fabulous chandelier, check out the Re:Design Technologies Etsy shop. You can get all the instructions for four different chandelier designs for less than $15 (as of my typing this - but they're having a sale a the moment), or choose one design for $6.50. You can also check out the Re:Design blog.

Here are skullmistress's supplies for the chandelier.

Project Estimate:

  • 3 Picture hanging kits, $3
  • 6 boxes of paper clips, $6

Total: $9 (plus the cost of the instructions, if needed)

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  • Elle Sees said:


  • Kathy V. said:


  • Care said:


  • Jessica said:

    I would love to see this with colored paper clips, may cost more, but this is VERY inspiring!!!!

  • Lorie said:

    That is crazy! And I really want one!

  • Zakka Life said:

    Wow! I had to do a double take.

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  • pam said:

    I just knew someone would come up with a second life for paper clips!

    I use them for hanging wet projects while they dry! But these – these lamps are amazing!

  • sydney @ memorableminutes said:

    oh my goodness. WOW!

  • Maddy said:

    $9.00 craft? Are you sure? I think I just saw a fixture at a high end stor the other day that was like $50.00! No doubt about it, i’m makeing one! Great idea!

  • Chelsea said:

    I’m starting this today with colored paper clips. :) I was the kid who liked to put the Legos together without the instructions, so I didn’t buy the instructions for this. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  • Chelsea said:

    Here’s how my smaller, color-clip version came out:

    Thinking about adding some bling to it, but I like how it turned out!

  • meg said:

    This is great, i saw skullseamstress’s post on craftstr awhile ago & have been wanting to do it ever since. If you wanted to it a different color then the color clips are I’m sure you could spray paint it. I’d make mine gold :)

  • Lisa said:

    Hi there, love this post. These chandeliers are exactly what I need for my back porch. I followed your links and it seems that Re:Design Technologies is no longer an Etsy shop and their blog also hasn’t been updated since 2010. Got any leads for me on how to track down the instructions for this project? Very grateful for any help!

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  • Nico said:

    This is such a cool idea for chandeliers. Love it.

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