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What’s New at the Dollar Store, 7/26

26 July 2010 7,066 views 37 Comments

by heather

What new things have you seen at the dollar store lately? These feather boas aren't new, but I noticed my local Dollar Tree store is stocked up with them right now. These are a great thing to snatch up at when you see them (if you like to craft with feather boas, that is!). They're part of the dress up section in the toy area. I've also seen these new clear heart-shaped boxes in the wedding favors section, and are those metal heart-shaped containers too?

The round tins are always in stock, but they are some of my favorite dollar store craft supplies.

So, what have you seen lately? And what would you make with a feather boa or wedding favor tins (heart-shaped or round)?

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  • LizAnderson said:

    Those boas scream wreaths to me! White for a wedding shower, or to hang on the Bride’s front door on her special day. Red for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Hey, the green goes with St. Patricks Day!

  • carlyjcais said:

    Ooh! Though I only see white as a possibility, they may also have black or some other understated color…that would look great covering up a skirt a la …love, Maegan’s tutorial (http://www.lovemaegan.com/2009/10/feather-skirt-diy.html), or as a shoulder-accent on a plain top. Couture-like fashion for mere dollars!
    Thanks for posting this…rushing off to my local Dollar Tree right now…

  • heather (author) said:

    Good suggestions Liz & Carly, and thanks for the link, Carly!! Love Maegan is awesome! It would be so much fun to make a dollar store feather skirt. A long while back, I posted a feathered blazer project from Fashionista, too… http://dollarstorecrafts.com/2009/01/make-a-fashion-inspired-feathered-blazer/ – maybe it could be adapted to work with a feather boa…

  • somedaycrafts said:

    Definitely great finds! Thanks for all the dollar inspiration I find here!

  • Chris said:

    A few years ago I hosted a handmade Christmas tree ornament swap in the games forums of paperbackswap.com. The ones that I made were like little wreaths made out of boas. I don’t think I have any pictures of those around anywhere though.

  • jami said:

    The boas would make a great garland for a party, strung together and themed items hanging from them….. a little girls dress up party, showers…….

  • Anna M. said:

    This just popped into my head, but couldn’t you use the tins as containers for homemade lip gloss. You can find petroleum jelly and lipstick at dollar store too. All the basic ingredients.

  • Kim Vahle said:

    I would glue a magnet to the back and label them to keep some of my beads & findings in them. Could stick them up on the wall covered with metal. just might get out there to stock up.

  • C j said:

    OOOHH!!! i cant wait until my dollar store gets the boas in!! and ive really been wanting to get some of the round tins!! i dont have a craft store nearby so the dollar store and walmart are my supply shops… i love when the dollar store gets new stock!!

  • heather (author) said:

    @Kim: I did that project! The dollar store has good heavy-duty magnets in the office supply section. They’re the round magnets (mine are covered with plastic discs that come in orange, purple, and green).

  • moonablaze said:

    I actually bought 4 of those boas today during lunch. when I arrived at work this morning I discovered we were of feathers, which I needed for an activity this afternoon (I’m an intern at a day camp for kids with learning disabilities). there are 2 dollar stores but no craft stores in the range where I could drive during lunch and be back in time. neither had feathers so I bought the boas and let the kids pluck the feathers they wanted. dollar store saves the day.

  • Brooke said:

    I am going to buy the feather boas and copy an idea that I saw in a catalog or magazine last winter. There was a feather wreath and matching simple cone shaped Christmas trees. These will be so easy to reproduce! I am excited.

  • Meghan said:

    I was able to find ONE package of those clear heart containers at my dollar store. I am so frustrated that they NEVER have those tins at my store, not even at the semi sorta dollar store.

  • Abigail said:

    I recently made a feather necklace and a rather dramatic hairband – http://abigailscraftshowto.com/2010/06/wire-wrapping-feathers-necklace-and-hairband-fascinator/
    This looks like a much cheaper option than the craft-store dyed feathers I used. My local 100Y shop doesn’t have boas, but they do have feathered party masks which have really nice feathers, though it takes some patience to get all the glue off them!

  • jennifer w. said:

    My fave find at Dollar Tree as of late are some moss covered “rocks” in the floral supply section. They are just foam pieces that are rock-shaped covered in moss. I can see them as a vase filler, or lining a tray or some other flat surface.

  • Lena K. said:

    My friend decorated for her daughter’s Elmo party with the red boas!

  • The Gosfam said:

    I need to find those tin boxes–they look GREAT!!

  • The Gosfam said:

    I am a subscriber

  • shelly said:

    I still love the bags of rocks at my dollar store. I’ve covered my bird bath, some flower pots and a couple of frames. Just love the feel and shine of them.
    Those boas get my attention. I think a wreath for every holiday would be fun. Tuck in a bird or two??

  • Charla said:

    With grandaughters 4,5, and 7, I am afraid that the boas would just have to be boas for now! If they would let me, I would love to put them around the bottom of a lamp. What fun!

  • Carrie said:

    This is very timely because I want to make storage for some craft supplies. I plan to get some of the cute shaped tins and mount magnets on the back and put them on a magnetic strip I have. I will likely paint them pink to match my craft room.

    I am a subscriber to the Dollar Crafts newsletter and would like an extra entry in the Silhouette contest. Thanks for offering this.

  • rachel said:

    One of my favorite things at the Dollar Store (Dollar Tree here, as Dollar Store is going out of business) is the double-sided foam tape in the “hardware” section. I use it for card-making, sticking those nice little tin containers on a strip of fabric- or paper-covered board attached above my craft area, even holding bits and pieces of this and that together. It’s a lot cheaper than the expensive name brands and I find it’s even stickier.

  • rachel said:

    The link to enter the Silhouette contest aren’t working after several tries (for me, at least), so don’t know if the link would have brought me here or not. Anyway, I am a subscriber, so should get at least one entry because of that ;-} and look forward to the projects you highlight. Thanks!

  • Sophia said:

    I checked out the boas a week or so ago, but the feathers come off so easily. I’m not very familiar with boas. Do they *all* shed that badly? If not, how do you all propose to keep the feathers on? Any tips for keeping them on if a child should happen to get hold of it? :)

  • Jackie said:

    I am a subscriber and would love to win!!!

  • Gloria Westerman said:

    I have been using them to make wall/door decorations…..for my granddaughters…and I also put a little piece on cards….just to give it all a little girly and bling……

  • Gloria Westerman said:

    To Sophia….sometimes I find they do shed…..I just use them in other projects….but you could use some hot glue to keep them together….

  • Rebecca said:

    I am a subscriber and absolutely love your ideas! Thanks! Keep them coming!

  • Vie said:

    I just love to wonder through your stores. I never know what will JUMP out at me to start those creative juices following!! I gather up bright and shinny, soft and smooth. Always need more glue all types. The prices are always great and I go home with $$$ still in my pocket and lots of items to make and share with others. I can afford to make neat things to give away EVEN on a very tight budget!!

  • Barb said:

    I am a subscriber.

  • Anne said:

    I never look in that part of Dollar tree because I don’t have little ones and I never thought about looking at the wedding stuff. Well, now I will be looking at those areas too! I am always looking for things to make. I just love this site!

  • nicole said:

    LOVE those tins! am thinking bday party crafts! need to go find them in my local store!

  • Nic-e said:

    I’m a subscriber. Thank you!!!

  • Filomena said:

    Those feathers…sure are pretty, but the way they are “harvested” is cruel. Please consider crafting with vegan lovelies when you’re shopping for supplies. The animals will be much happier :)

  • Anne Alexander said:

    I love the silk floral arrangements and flowers that they have for different holidays and seasons

  • Mary Lou said:

    love feather wreaths and I make em from boas. If done carefully, they can be loosely braided around a wire wreath form for a multicolor look. Straw hat bands of boa are cool too.