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Dollar Scores 3: Shopping With Breanna

13 September 2010 15,497 views 5 Comments

by heather

Recently, I told you that I met up with Breanna, a DSC fan, for a day of Dollar Store Craft shopping at Dollar Tree. She shared a great 15 second tutorial for making cool glass pedestal apothecary jars. I made another video that shows some of the things we found on our trip. If you aren't a video watcher, I rounded up the highlights from the video here in this post. If you YouTube, be sure to subscribe to the DollarCraft YouTube channel. [How to make an apothecary jar]

Cupcake Gift Boxes: I found several cute cupcake gift boxes that ranged from small (about 3" cube) to pretty large (about 7"). These were along the bottom of the gift bag section, which is an aisle I usually speed through or skip altogether. These are really cute, though!

Tinkerbell Notebooks: Dollar Tree has a lot of licensed merchandise with Disney characters like Tinkerbell, the Disney Princesses, and Toy Story characters on them. If you are having a birthday party with any licensed characters, stop at the dollar store first to find out if you can find any of the right stuff.  Other licensed characters I noticed: different superheroes, Spongebob and Dora the Explorer. Products ranged from notebooks to plastic dishes and small figurines.

Idea: Dress-a-Bear Kits for Pumpkins: Last year, my sister-in-law and her pre-schoolers dressed their Halloween pumpkins in these dollar store dress-a-bear kits. They turned out so cute, and because there was no carving or paint involved, it was a fun and mess-free activity. [how to dress your Halloween pumpkins]

Cameo Hair Elastics: Find these in the hair accessories section of the store, and use the cameos to embellish your crafts, or for jewelry-making projects.

Sage Green Bathroom Accessories: I found these pretty green bathroom accessories (they look prettier in real life). They'd be really nice with a monogram - either paint it (use these stenciling instructions) or cut vinyl or contact paper.

2-pack of Bandannas: These bandannas are poly-cotton and come in packs of two with cheerful patterns, so they're good for projects like the bandanna tablecloth.

Colorful Knee Socks: Fun for kids to wear, or use to extend sleeves on kids' t-shirts for fall and winter. Or make arm-warmers (like these Ninja Mitt Fingerless Gloves from Leethal.)

Wooden Magnetic Letters and Numbers: These were a hot item last year, and they sold out quickly. My Dollar Tree has them back in stock. You could glue them onto photo frames or wooden chairs or chests to personalize them for your kiddos. Or use the numbers to mark an advent calendar (yes, it's time to make this year's advent calendars!)

Flannel-Backed Tablecloths: Use these to make reusable sandwich or lunch bags, or reusable grocery sacks.

What have you seen at the dollar store this week?

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  • Amber said:

    Man, I want those cameo things! I love cameo stuff but can only find it in jewelry for really expensive.

    You had kids there, consider making the bandannas into a very simple shirt. Leave it square, just sew up 2/3rds of the sides leaving arm holes then 2/3rds of the top leaving a neck hole. Very lightweight and awesome for warm days. I had a bandanna shirt when I was 8-9 years old and LOVED it. With your kids really young you can still do it and use it as an over shirt for when they do crafts.

  • Bromeliad said:

    Lots of tacky Halloween junk.

    Also the raw materials for three potentially cool projects.

  • CraftyHope said:

    Wow, it looks like your Dollar Tree has some nicer stuff that ours do. Of course, I’ve found that even ones in this area can all carry completely different items also . . .
    Thanks for sharing!!

  • BrendaLea said:

    You can make a Halter top out of two bandannas. I loved mine when I was a teenager. You could make draw-string bags out of bandannas also. Skirt for a little girl with elastic waist.

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