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Make Chocolate Skull Pops

4 October 2010 3,507 views 7 Comments

by rhonda

Heather has been going crazy with the wonderful skull ice cube tray she found at Dollar Tree.  So far, she's shown us how to make edible sugar skulls and mini soap-on-a-rope using the versatile silicone mold.  Shea from All Things Shea came up with another project using the same ice cube tray - homemade skull pops!  She used almond bark (a mixture of chocolate and finely-chopped almonds) to make her skulls, but you could also use other types of moldable candy as a cheaper substitute or to accommodate nut allergies.  [how to make chocolate skull pops]

Project estimate:

  • Skull ice cube tray, $1
  • Milk chocolate squares for baking, $1 and up
  • Popsicle sticks, $1

Total:  $3 and up

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  • mindy said:

    Love it. Don’t forget those molds make awesome molds for home made chalk! (and it’s super easy!)

  • ann mcneil said:

    Thanks for the cutest halloween idea! Love your style and look forward to following your creative ideas! Thank you for your heart and time!

  • Denise said:

    I love these molds! Plan to make pretzel candy in them. Crunched up pretzels and white chocolate. Should be super cute!

  • PAULA said:

    I can’t find the skull trays at anyyyyyyy of the dollar stores around here!! Can they be ordered on line? Or Christmas ones?

  • salla said:

    love the ideas, but I really hope you have more than one of these ice cube trays! using the same tray for resin/soap is ok, but you don’t want to then use that tray for edibles anymore.

    I actually have this tray and use it for resin, it is such fun!

  • heather said:

    @salla, good reminder. Yes, you should never use a tray for any edible crafts after you use it for resin or bath & body/candle projects.