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Make Origami Paper Cupcake Liners

9 October 2010 14,512 views One Comment

by heather

You don't have to spend money on expensive designer paper cupcake liners (although, it sure is a fun way to waste money!) -- you can create your own beautiful designer liners with pretty origami paper. Jenn from Rook No. 17 shares this great idea on her blog. What other kinds of paper could you use to make cupcake liners? If you are nervous about cooking with not-made-for-cooking paper, how about using parchment paper to bake the cupcakes in, and then slipping them into these cups after they're baked? Jenn tells us how to do both [at Rook No. 17 - check the links below for specific info]

  1. How to make parchment paper cupcake cups (this shows the technique for making both projects)
  2. Make origami paper cupcake liners

Project Estimate:

  • Origami paper, $1
  • Muffin tins, on hand
  • Drinking glass, on hand

Total: $1

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