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What To Make With a Crystal Light Container?

5 October 2010 54,654 views 53 Comments

by heather

It's been awhile since we had a "what can I do with THIS" post! You know, the posts where someone needs ideas and we sit around and come up with crazy crafty ideas for them! I know you love a good brainstorm (and so do I!) I just got an email from Cathe with a request:

Just want to say that I love your web site. Cute ideas. I teach a craft to elderly people 65 to the high 80's. I hope they have something that I could teach them one day. I need help. I have a bunch of cylinder tubes (Crystal light comes in them) and I'm trying to come up with a craft idea for them. Any idea's. Thanks Heather and much success to you.


Thanks for your request, Cathe! I have actually wondered what you could do with these very same containers, myself, because we go through them pretty quickly at my house. These elliptical-shaped ones are the newer model, and the old containers (and the generic ones) are round, but about the same.

My Quick Ideas:

Spectacular spectacle case: Since you are crafting with elderly people, how about making a glasses case? You could decoupage pretty paper on the outside, or maybe even glue some fabric to the outside.

Bonny bracelets: Cut the containers into 1" pieces and use them as the base for bracelets.

I know I've seen a couple people around blogland that use these in crafty ways, but I can't remember where, so if you have done some crafts with these containers, please speak up! Everyone else, please brainstorm your ideas here!

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  • terrih said:

    They can be made into little first aid kits. Put a red cross on the outside to indicate first aid. Fill them with different sizes of bandaids, small packets of antibiotic ointment (can get a box of 25 cheap off of Amazon), stuff like that. Keep one in the car or put in a purse. They will be handy and won’t get crushed.

  • Gail said:

    I fill 3/4 way with water and freeze to put in ice chests.
    I also use them to freeze lemonade, ice tea, etc. to add to your beverage container when having a picnic or BBQ….so you aren’t diluting it with regular ICE.

  • Lindsay said:

    Pour paint into the container and if you are not going to finish right away, snap the lid on for later. Keeps paint usable for up to 3 days :) Also slice a slit in the lid and slide your paint brush handle through it and store the brush–will only last over night, but its better than having a brush dry out!