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Make a Bucket & Branch Advent Calendar

19 November 2010 4,289 views 4 Comments

by heather

Macey at Olivia Renn made a designer knockoff advent calendar for about 99% off the retail price. Yep! The inspiration calendar is $299, and I estimate Macey spent about $3 (or less) making this bucket and branch advent calendar. My favorite thing about this calendar is the fact that Macey made the buckets out of plastic cups!! You would never guess that by looking at them! Awesome idea! [find out how to make the bucket and branch advent calendar]

Project Estimate:

  • Tree branches, on hand
  • Spray paint, silver, on hand or about $3
  • Craft acrylic paint, on hand or $.50
  • Rope or twine, on hand or $1
  • 25 buckets or cups, $1
  • Hole punch, on hand

Total: $1 and up

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