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Make Glitter Trees

13 November 2010 40,979 views 19 Comments

by heather

Every holiday home needs a teeny bit of shimmer! Here's a simple Christmas craft idea you can make with dollar store stuff: Glitter trees! I found this project over at I Heart Naptime where the whole month of November is dedicated to Crazy Christmas Crafting. The brilliant creators of this project are three sisters Jamie, Jodie, and Jennifer from eighteen25. This project is simple enough for anyone to do! [how to make glitter Christmas trees] [eighteen25]

Project Estimate:

  • Styrofoam cone, $1
  • Candlestick, $1
  • Spray adhesive (3M-77 is SUCH a useful glue!), on hand
  • White glue, on hand
  • E-6000 glue, on hand
  • Glitter, on hand or $1 and up
  • White spray paint, on hand or $1 and up

Total: $2 and up

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  • Jennifer said:

    I don’t mean to be a party pooper but those cones are sooooo far from being a dollar! They are rather expensive…and I know they don’t carry them at any dollar store I am near. Maybe finding the cones that are already decorated for Christmas from the Dollar Tree would work just as well… I know some of them are pretty tacky…would be great redecorated!

  • heather( (author) said:

    @Jennifer, thanks for the comment. All kinds of comments are welcome & appreciated! :)

    Dollar Tree has styrofoam cones in their floral section (at least my DT does) — the 10-12″ size. I have found pretty microfine glitter in the dollar bins at Michael’s.

    I do like your idea of redecorating Christmas cones from DT, too, though!

  • Amy said:


    It seems that glitter and slightly non-traditional hues are in this season, which makes me very happy!

  • whitney @ leavesofmytree said:

    such a cute and totally doable craft! i’m glad to know it can be done for hardly any $$, too. :)

  • Nicci said:

    So simple, yet elegant! Thank you!

  • Jennifer said:

    I found the cones at the Dollar Tree today!! So, of course I should I gotten the entire box… lol they are a medium size but good enough for me. I am so glad my DT had them! Thanks Heather!

  • Michelle, Muffin Tin Mom said:

    gorgeous, just gorgeous.

  • Bobbi said:

    These are way cute! I did buy some already made at the Dollar Tree and then just spray painted them the color that I wanted and added a little more blingggg! :)

  • Laura said:

    This has to be one of the coolest ‘easy/fun’ crafts I’ve seen in a long time!! I love it!
    Thanks :)

  • Katie said:

    I found the cones at our Dollar Tree. Just one size though. No biggie but they are out there.

  • Nicole said:

    I love these! I bought the cones, glitter and candlesticks all at The Dollar Tree today. I can’t wait to get started!

  • Esbe Chic said:

    I la la la love it!

    I had to share on my blog:

  • Kelly H said:

    I tried this craft today. Made a silver, gold and green tree. So pretty!! The only problem is the glitter. It still comes off on my hands when I pick it up.
    I haven’t glued the bases on yet, mostly because I can’t pick the cones up yet. It’s been a 10 hours since I glued the glitter on.
    Does anyone know a way to keep the glitter from constantly coming off?

  • Karen said:

    Love these! I’ll be on the look out for candle sticks next Saturday when I garage sale. I see them all the time,but have enough….now I have an excuse! You are awesome!

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  • Me said:

    I could’t find the cones in dollar tree or dollar store.

  • DIY Glitter Inspiration | Lemon Drop Blog said:

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  • Penny said:

    You can also make cones from poster board which you can usually get at the dollar tree. You can get the colored board so the white doesn’tt show thru. You get several trees out of one board. There are many Pinterest posts on making cones out of poster board so brings cost down even more! You can cut a circle for the bottom to close it in and glue to candle stick.

  • Penny said:

    After you do the glitter get some spray sealer or just clear spray paint to set the glitter so it doesn’t come off!