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Make a Dog Coat

2 March 2011 10,468 views 7 Comments

by heather

diy doggy coat
If you are a pet owner, you know how expensive dog and cat clothes can be. Finding a pattern for a dog coat can be difficult. Well, worry no more! Cheap and easy pet clothes tutorial to the rescue! We've come up with instructions to make a cute dog coat that is so easy to sew that you'll be making them for every occasion. All you need is a baby bib and a reusable tote to make this little doggy dress!


How to Make a Dog Coat


by Erika Lindquist, Sew DoggyStyle


doggy coat supplies
You can find the items you need for this dog coat pattern at the dollar store. And, although there is sewing involved, it is very basic. You can even do it with a needle and thread if you want! This project works for small dogs and is perfect for cats, too!
Project Materials: 

  • Baby bib, $1
  • Reusable tote bag, $1
  • Sewing stuff, on hand
Total: $2

1. Test-fit the bib's neck around your pet to make sure it fits.


cut straps
2. Use the straps from the tote as a waist tie. Cut the straps off the tote bag.


sewing straps on doggy coat
3. Sew the straps to the lower sides of the bib.


cut bag
4. Cut off a strip of the tote to the desired length for the skirt.
5. Ruffle the skirt and fold the ends in. Cut off any extra material or just ruffle it to the exact length of the bottom of the bib. Pin it in place.


inside of doggy coat
6. Sew the good sides of the bib and ruffled strip together. Here's what the inside of the dress looks like.


doggy coat finished
7. I added the four leaf clover -- it's just a stick on from Joann's dollar aisle.  Remove it and replace with an Easter egg in April!


About Erika:


Erika LindquistI have brought my passion for animals and crafts together through Sew DoggyStyle.  My site is all about handmade fashions and crafts for dogs! I specialize in upcycled, cute, simple, and one-of-a-kind items for your pets. I am a very well-rounded crafter with many different crafts under my belt, but my favorite one is sewing.  I also have a real passion for finding creative ways to save money. I have several money-saving pet craft projects that I'm very proud of:


My Favorite Projects:
upcycled dog collar


dog jean dress


dog leg warmers

I also have an Etsy Shop where I sell my doggy fashions: Sew DoggyStyle Shop.

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  • maria said:

    the outfits look so cute, who woulda thought what you used to make the “hug me” one. Love the leg warmers, what a cute idea.

  • Karen said:

    Thanks for posting this! I was looking for something like this. The ‘dog collar’ is so cute it made me laugh out loud.

  • mary said:

    My mom has a 45-lb dog i’ve made sweaters for several times. I go to goodwill, find a small-sized sweater (usually turtleneck, because she has a long neck) and cut and sew it down to fit her. they work great. Cost: $3.75. Walmart’s cheapest is usually $5 to $10, and they usually don’t have them big enough for her (and usually boy-style if they do). And pet store prices are ridiculous.

    It’s also good for sweaters that are worn out or you just choose not to wear anymore. That way the cost is free. I’ve done that before.

    If you have a smaller dog, I’m sure children’s sweaters would work. That’d make them even cheaper.

  • ColleenwithMurals&More said:

    This is just too stinkin’ cute! As are all of your creations! I could maybe see one of these on my mom’s boston terrier, but doubt my bull mastiff would enjoy it ;)

    Dropping by from FB Crafterminds!

  • Emily Q said:

    Love this idea! Thanks

  • feliza said:

    Can anyone give me an idea on what color bibs would go with my black and brown Chihuahua.

  • sherriseri said:

    Just love all of your ideas. As a dog lover and owner of 3 little ones, I am going to be busy outfitting my 2 boys and my 1 baby girl!!

    Thanks for sharing.