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Man Crafts: suction cup bottle holders

16 April 2011 33,677 views 9 Comments

by mikeasaurus

Is the real estate in your shower space a premium? How about when you're traveling and need a space to put your bathroom bottles? Time to make use of all that bare wall-space in the  shower, with some easy elastic bottle holders!

Make your own bathroom bottle holders from everyday suction cups and hair elastics and keep your bottles separated and organized. Sure to please the collegiate audience members and other bathroom-sharers alike.

Project Estimate:

  • suction cups (8 pc.) - $1.00
  • hair elastics (18 pc.) - $1.00  (or use thick rubber bands)

Total : $1 and up

When selecting a hair elastic to use for this project consider hair elastics which have rubberized outer layer, this will help the elastic grip onto the bottle.

You may use thick rubber bands in lieu of hair elastics, the hair elastics shown here we for aesthetics only.

Remove any hooks or  hardware that came with your suction cups.

Take one elastic and feed one end through the suction cup nipple opening. Lace one end of the elastic through the opposite end, then pull to tighten the elastic. For some hair elastics stress where the elastic is joined when manufactured may cause it to fail when tightening, be careful not to snap your elastic when installing into the nipple opening.

Pro Tip: Remaining suction cups not used for this project are a great item to keep with your travel bathroom gear, perfect for hanging your coat or pants!

To install, wet the back of an empty suction cup and firmly push onto a nonporous surface (tile, vinyl, etc.).

To insert a bottle simply spread elastic with one  hand and insert bottle. Adjust bottle placement as required by weight and shape of bottle.

To use, either remove bottle from elastic holster or tip the bottle while still in holster.





With a few of these suction cup bottle holders in my bathroom there's no need to have my shampoo or other items on the floor anymore.


It should go without saying that this project isn't suitable for all bottles. Be aware of how much weight you are attempting to suspend and the materials you wish to use before installing. Bathroom accidents are never good. Be safe and have fun!


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  • Kreatives Chaos made by Andrea said:

    how genius is that… thanks for that tipp…

    I even can find that stuff here in Germany…

    I am still in awe about that idea…

    Warmest regards


  • Meghan said:

    Ha! That’s great!

  • Becky said:

    I like this idea! I would think a heavier/fuller bottle could be held with two suction cups and two bands….

  • Michelle L. said:

    Love it! Really neat and nifty!

  • Karen said:

    You are a genius! So simple, but I NEVER would have thought of that. I am going to do that for sure. Thanks!

  • Anna M. said:

    Brilliant idea. I think it would be perfect for my closet sized bathroom. I’m not exaggerating, it is the size of a closet.

  • Rachel said:

    so – for those of us that have always had the problem of getting suction cups to “stick” to the wall – what suggestions do you have? No matter what I have tried to “hang” on my shower walls (ceramic tile – smooth) a suction cup never stays and falls within hours…..

  • Laurie said:

    Super cool idea! Featured it this week on my blog:
    Thanks for sharing!

  • condensation in sterilized bottle said:

    I wish more people would write sites like this that are actually helpful to read. With all the fluff floating around on the net, it is refreshing to read a site like yours instead.