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Reader Question: What to Make from Empty Keurig Cups?

27 April 2011 5,441 views 17 Comments

by rhonda

If you aren't familiar with Keurig coffee makers, they are a single-cup style of brewer that uses small cups of ground coffee with built-in filters for the brewing process.  They're a great solution for people who only want to brew a cup at a time, and while some models are compatible with a refillable filter cup, they are commonly used with disposable, single-use cups.

DSC Reader Mae has been saving her empty Keurig cups, but isn't sure what to do with them.  I think they would look cute as little shades on a set of Christmas lights.  What other crafty things can you make using the empty cups?

[photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons]

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  • craft medley said:

    I like that idea! Perhaps you could use them as little herb seed planters (drill a hole in the bottom), make some sort of 3D wall art, or use them to store small crafting supplies like beads?

    xoxo Maria

  • Cyn said:

    I immediately thought of those lampshades that they used to make out of the little cream containers from restaurants back in the 70s. I remember my mom saving those containers and sending them to my sister when she first got married so she could make one.

  • Jen said:

    I think that they are the perfect size to use as a candle mold.

  • Theresa said:

    You can use a circle punch to create a new top and use it as a tiny treat box.

  • Caroline said:

    Great for tiny favor cups…add rhinestones or sequins or ? ?

  • Shannon said:

    Not a craft but you can use them as Jello shots molds.

  • Renee said:

    I am going to make baskets and little purses (by crocheting around them)for barbie and bratz dolls for the granddaughters.

  • Steff said:

    If she has little ones, she could turn them into rattles with a few beads and bits of string. Or make some kind of hanging garden with little succulents- I reckon plastic cups are easier to hang up than clay pots. Pincushions, trinket holders (she could use multiple pots for some sort of stacked display), little scarecrows for a herb garden, a snake toy for the kids… hope this helps! x

  • sherry said:

    I have been eyeing all of my tossed out k-cups for a year now trying to figure out what to do with them. While all of these suggestions are great … there is a small problem. Once one of these things are used there is a hole punched into the bottom of it, also a number of them have a small filter glued inside it that I found hard to remove. I have yet to figure something out.

  • louisa @ Recycle This said:

    Someone asked the same question on our site last month — there have been a few reuse suggestions so far but reducing is far more important if possible. Someone on our site has suggested the possibility of reusable/refillable cups — might be worth exploring if you don’t have the time to make filter/stove-top coffee.

  • Amy said:

    With the hole punched in the bottom of them it would make the ones with no filter in them perfect for a count down calender. Take a cardboard box, cut out the shape of a Christmas tree, or whatever relates to the holiday of the month. Cover with wrapping paper, then take your cups and place a small piece of hard candy in each cup, hot glue a new cover on them with scrap paper, number them to the count down and let the kids punch out a cup each day.. Great for Birthdays, big events, any holiday!

  • Amy said:

    PS and glue the cups in on to the cut out shape :) forgot that part..

  • Lovina Freed said:

    I’m saving some to make little flower pots. Cut a circle to fit the top and then poke holes to insert stems of flowers. Flowers can be made from: ribbon, paper, felt or chenille stem flowers. I frequently make tray favors for meals on wheels and these will be easy to make and inexpensive.

  • Jackie said:

    Faux bamboo vases. Decide on how long to make the vases. For example, if you want to make one 5 Kerig cups long, cut out the bottoms of four of them (so there’s a little bit of a lip on the inside for the glue). Starting with the cup that doesn’t have the bottom cut out of it, glue one of the other cups to it (upside down so that the top of the first cup is glued to the top of the second cup. Add a third cup to the stack (bottom of third cup is glued down). For the fourth cup glue to the stack so that the top of the cup is glued to the stack. Fifth cup bottom is glued down. Paint the outside using light green acrylic paint. When dry add sand or pebbles to the bottom of the vase to stabilize and add a faux flower. Cute mother’s day present.

  • Tammy said:

    I really liked what Amy suggested for these. Really cute and sounds like fun. I look forward to more suggestions for these. :)

  • Theresa said:

    I was thinking of creating a Christmas ornament with them. With the black ones I figured they would make a great snowmans hat glued onto a styrofoam ball. With the hole already poked from the machine it is easy to insert wire hanger. For the white ones I was considering a small time capsule ornament. Kids could write a note and the two opened ends would be sealed (haven’t thought how just yet). Outside would be decorated with sequins and ribbon.