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Reader Question: What to Make from Wicker Paper Plate Holders?

28 April 2011 4,298 views 15 Comments

by rhonda

Every once in a while, you're bound to have someone offer you some sort of oddball item in mass quantity.    You'll be tempted to accept them, but you'll have no idea what you can possibly do with them.  What should you do?  Well, you can always do what reader Robin did via our Facebook fan page and ask DSC!

Robin's mother-in-law made her a very tempting offer:  a whole stack of wicker paper plate holders.  What can you do with this picnic staple besides stabilize flimsy plates?  So far, other readers have suggested using them decoratively underneath house plants or spray painting them different colors and hanging them as a grouping either on an interior wall or to dress up an outdoor space.  If you had a bunch of them, what would you do?

[photo by cohdra @ morguefile.com]

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  • Laura said:

    I can see a mirror, a large circular photo, or even a finished cross-stitch placed in the center and used as frames.

  • sus kelley said:

    you could connect them end to end, side to side, and make a hanging screen out of them.

  • rebecca said:

    i would stencil them and hang them on the wall. or get little s hooks and hang jewlery!

  • Jennifer said:

    These look like their in pretty good condition, so I would make a 3 dimensional art piece by stacking them randomly and hot gluing.

  • Jennifer said:

    you could make a hat with them, or a fan–either a hand-held one, just decorate and add a stick for a handle, or put them on the blades of an electric fan–….that’s all I can think of at the moment…..

  • Shannon said:

    Make wreaths with them, decorate the outside edge with lace or ruffled fabric, flowers, beads, etc and stencil “Welcome” in the middle.

  • Tee said:

    If you chose to do a wall grouping, you could decorate them as you would a scrapbooking page and add photos.

    Using the cheapest paper plates you could use them to hold beading while you’re working or as a disposable paint pallette.

    Thanks for the challenge!
    (sorry if this posts twice :)

  • Mindy said:

    Add a candle stick to it and top it off with a clear/glass plate. Serve appetizers, cookies, cake.

  • Caro said:

    I would turn one into a clock!!

    And then I would spray paint a bunch and use them to do a “mosaic” on the wall, like a plate wall!

  • Liz Watson said:

    Turn them into clocks using cheap WalMart or Dollar Store clocks. (These can be easily taken apart and placed on the wicker)

  • mikeasaurus said:

    how about unwinding them into long ropes of wicker, place them side-by-side and re-lace them together into something similar to those bamboo beach mats?

  • Brittany said:

    I would spray paint them all funky colors and hang them on the wall!

  • haley said:

    I bought a vintage lamp recently and put in a new lamp kit on it. However, this meant I had to remove the paper bottom on the lamp. I used one of these wicker plates with some hot glue and voila! Lamp makeover.

  • Allyson/HBMomof2 said:

    You know what’s interesting, is that I received my Ballard Designs catalog yesterday and thought of these very things. BD made wall topiaries out of seagrass circles.

    They could easily be inspiration for paper plate holders and placemats. I know I am looking for them at the thrift stores now. Would love to see what you do.

  • cheryl said:

    unwind them and use the wicker to make baskets or caning for seats.