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Make Aluminum Tape Garden Markers

28 May 2011 12,181 views 3 Comments

by heather

aluminum tape plant markers

For some reason, aluminum tape projects have been catching my eye lately. So everyone go out and get a roll of aluminum tape and start projecting it up, mmkay? These embossed aluminum tape plant markers by the genius known as Aunt Peaches, are simple and awesome, just like I like all my crafts to be. You have to hit the hardware store and pick up some aluminum tape (it's used to seal ducts), but then you'll have 50 yards of it, which will make for a lot of craft fun. [how to make aluminum tape garden markers]

Project Materials:

  • Aluminum tape, about $5 a roll
  • Plastic knives, pencils, chopsticks, etc., on hand
  • Ball-point pen, on hand

Total: $5

Once you have your aluminum tape, you can do these projects too:

metal house charmMetal House Charm by Mich L. in LA

embossed metal plaqueEmbossed Metal Plaques by Crafty Chica (at BlogHer DIY)

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