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Make Mason Jar Solar Path Lights

13 May 2011 40,776 views 5 Comments

by rhonda

If you could use some solar path lights but you're looking for something with more personality than your standard stake lights, here's an idea from Amanda at Hand Me Down House.  She gave mason jars a colorful finish using dyed Mod Podge and inserted solar lights into the top to make these playful, cheery path lights.  You could also use empty jars from your recycling bin, which will probably have a smaller mouth and work well with the slim path lights from Dollar Tree!  [how to make mason jar solar path lights]

Project estimate:

  • Glass jars, on hand
  • Outdoor Mod Podge, on hand or about $6
  • Food coloring, on hand
  • Wire, on hand
  • Plant hooks, about $1 each
  • Solar path lights, $1 and up

Total:  $2 and up


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  • pam said:

    I was amazed when i saw what Amanda did with the food coloring Mod Podge jars. I loved the idea of the solar lights but I don’t have her engineering skills! So I still use candles in mine.

  • Mod Podge Amy said:

    Pam from Gingerbread Snowflakss started an internet craze by dying Mod Podge and using it on jars. I love it – and I love Amanda’s twist with the outdoor lights

  • LAC said:

    Awesome! But I think I will use the flame less candles that the $ Store has! Can’t wait to try this out!!!!

  • Gayle said:

    Guess what? It works with acrylic paint instead of food coloring. A really GREAT range of colors.

  • Kathy V. said:

    Thanks for the ideas! I’m going to try to use the glass pebbles in my small handing wire planters in the backyard. They’re useless for plants because they’re too small and dry out quickly. However, a little solar lighting might be just the thing.