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Make a Recycled Bubble Sunburst Mirror

21 July 2011 24,770 views 2 Comments

by rhonda

I love seeing how people re-interpret projects from around blogland and add their own twist.  In the case of this wonderfully blingy sunburst mirror, the key difference is a complete change of materials!  All the way over in Malaysia, PC of MeiJo's Joy was inspired by a PVC pipe sunburst mirror made by Alicia at Thrifty and Chic.  [see the original version]  Cutting PVC pipe is a messy affair, so PC decided to try the same effect using recycled, mess-free materials.  Then as a finishing touch, she decked the entire thing in sequins, leaving an end result that certainly doesn't look like it's a $1 project!  [how to make a recycled bubble sunburst mirror][via Mich L. in L.A.]

Project estimate:

  • Lid, on hand
  • Cardboard, on hand
  • Mirror, $1
  • Screw-in hook, on hand or about $0.25
  • Hot glue, on hand
  • Sequins, on hand or $1

Total:  $1 and up

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  • Michelle L. said:

    That PC is so clever! She always makes something from nothing, I love her blog!

  • PC said:

    Michelle – you are too kind, your sweet comments are my best motivation. Thanks for link my mirror here. I am so honored!