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New Martha Stewart Paint Line by Plaid

22 August 2011 8,760 views 12 Comments

by heather

martha stewart paint gloss

I'm excited because I got to preview the new Martha Stewart craft paint line from Plaid. It's a full line of craft paint in amazing colors (160 of them - all Martha-perfect shades with names like "Greek Tile" and "Peppermint Bark") that are formulated to work on all crafting surfaces, including wood, glass, and fabric. The paints come in five different finishes: high gloss, pearl, satin, glitter, and metallic. There's a cool demo of the finishes in the paint aisle at Michael's stores:

martha stewart paint finishes

In addition to paint, there are tons of cool stencils (in three sizes), and some cool specialty tools like these brushes:

martha stewart paint specialty brushes

The comb-looking brush has removable bristles so you can customize the striping (or do neat plaid effects). The pronged brushes are for making striped finishes like gingham or basket-weaving.

martha stewart gingham paint

I tested out this brush with a decorative gingham paint effect.

martha stewart paint mediums

I love that this paint line was formulated to be versatile. You can use it on all sorts of different surfaces, and Martha has also provided many different mediums you can mix with your paints to achieve different effects. Here are just a few options: frost etching, crackle medium, fabric (makes the paint softer when you apply it to paint), and tintable glaze (you can mix with any paint color).

martha stewart paint satin

You can buy the 160 colors individually, or you can buy 10 packs with colors pre-selected for you.

martha stewart paint stencil large doily

The line also includes three different sizes of stencils: large stencils (for walls, art, fabric, etc.), medium stencils, and small self-cling stencils (good for glass and other applications).

martha stewart paint in michael's

You can find all these cool supplies exclusively at Michael's in the art supply/paint section in the USA and Canada. Would you like to try it? Here's a coupon just for you! (Click to go to the Michael's page and print it):

michaels coupon sample

I'll bring you some cool project ideas later this week!


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  • Carolina Moore said:

    I went to my Michael’s yesterday, and they’re starting to put up the display there, too – I loved the samples of how the different finishes look. It got me excited about glitter! : )

  • sobi said:

    You gotta love Martha. She’s stands up for the right to use and like glitter.

  • Michelle L. said:

    Those removable bristle brushes: fascinating. Cute gingham-in-a-flash, Heather!

  • Michele said:

    Too funny – I work at Michaels and was checking out the new line today. I can’t wait to try them!

  • Susan Hiebert said:

    I can kinda make out some of the prices on the shelf in the one picture, just wondering where abouts you are from so I can see if those prices are comparable to where I am from (manitoba, canada). Martha Stewart stuff is usually kinda pricey, but those prices in your picture are very reasonable and comparable to the other craft paints I buy.

  • heather (author) said:

    @susan, I’m in Oregon, USA!

  • Peaches said:

    Those comb brushes that make stripes…what a fabulous idea?! Martha’s peeps always have the best eye for color, I can’t wait to see what they came up with.

  • Mel said:

    I ordered a couple sets and some varnishes from The Shopping Channel. I can’t wait to start using them!!!

  • GMT said:

    These paints are advertised in today’s Michael’s ad (8-28-11) as a new product and are on sale for 40% off the regular price (??price). Looks interesting!

  • Amanda said:

    I just posted my stenciled his and hers tray tables using Martha’s goodies I received :) I love the pearl paint and have to say my favorite product has to be the adhesive stencils!

  • Mod Podge Amy said:

    So I went into Michaels today and it looked like someone had robbed the Martha Stewart section. I guess people are loving the product which is awesome – cause I had so much fun with it (after one or two #craftfails).

  • heather (author) said:

    Oh, that’s awesome, Amy! :) I hope you took pics of your craftfails!