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Question: What to do with empty frames?

16 August 2011 6,737 views 10 Comments

by heather

empty frame wall

Whitney wrote on the Dollar Store Crafts Facebook Page:

I have a ton of picture frames with no backs and some without any glass, either. Anybody know something clever I can do with these? I hate to just toss em.

Quick Ideas for Empty Frames:

  • Empty Frame Art: I have seen empty frame art like this photo here, by iampeas on Flickr (check out her Etsy shop, too: Sew Bendy)
  • 6 Ideas for Using Empty Frames at Tip Junkie

framed vinyl decal

So, readers, what are your ideas for using an empty frame!

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  • AVA said:

    Great question! Could display some beautiful scrapbooking paper or fabric remnants by gluing or stapling them to the backs of the frames?

  • Off The Cuff Cooking said:

    If you do the empty-frame wall assembly as in the first photo, it would also be a convenient way to just use the negative space within each frame for swapping out new family snapshots w/o having to take the frame & glass apart.

  • Sarah said:

    Display kids’ artwork, like this: http://pinterest.com/pin/62173275/

  • Coleen said:

    I would get some foam core or poster board cut to fit in the frames. Then get some pretty papers or print some interesting things out and glue it on the foam core or poster board and frame it. You could also take some photos, print them on card stock and mount them the same way.

  • Amy said:

    I just finished making a jewelry holder with a black frame I bought at Goodwill. My bestie and I had seen a few inspirational projects online and headed to Goodwill looking for frames. (Neither of us are morning people. So after missing several garage sale mornings, we decided a trip to the thrift store would work better.)

    I painted over the black with a fushia pearl. From there I used fine sandpaper to distress the frame so some of the black would show thru. I used a staple gun to attach chicken wire to the back of the frame and used my glue gun to glop hot glue on the pokey ends of the wire. I am making hooks to hang the jewelry from, with headpins and beads.

    My bestie used tin snips to cut a piece of metal for her frame. She glued magnets onto her makeup. The magnetic makeup frame now hangs next to her makeup area so she can choose what she wants to use that day much quicker. She used a second frame to do the same thing,but it hangs next the desk in her office for paperclips and other small objects.

  • Katy said:

    I don’t have pictures to hand, but I I have used empty frames for quickly snazzing up my kids artwork from school that is not going to be staying on the walls too long. I have also taken them apart and created a funky multicolored boarder in my youngest son’s room for his ‘creations’.

    My cork-board also hangs inside an old frame. Oh, and I am planning on using small frames as Christmas ornaments and gift tags…with creative decorating and pretty paper.

    Gems xxx

  • Ragnvaeig said:

    They might need to be stretched over a canvas to hold the tension, but embroidery projects look great framed.

  • M said:

    Frame an ant farm.

  • darla said:

    I like the idea of gluing them randomly overlapping them,then paint your choice of color gives a modern look to wall art