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Make a Film Canister Bobbin Organizer

25 September 2011 1,608 views 2 Comments

by rhonda

Even though I haven't developed a roll of 35mm film in probably close to a decade, I still have a nice little collection of film canisters.  They're so handy for storing all kinds of tiny things!  Over at Bored and Crafty, Meream used a few of the little plastic cylinders to create an innovative, recycled storage solution for her sewing bobbins.  She used four film canisters in a cross pattern, but you can  experiment and rearrange them into any configuration you like.  [how to make a film canister bobbin organizer]

Project estimate:

  • Film canisters, on hand
  • Craft knife, on hand
  • Hot glue, on hand

Total:  Free

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  • Meghan said:

    This is so clever! Good job on the upcycling.

  • Eleanor James said:

    What a smart idea – most of my bobbins end up on the floor under my desk where I don’t find them for about a year. I wish I hadn’t got rid of all those old film canisters…