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DIY False Eyelashes

26 October 2011 14,121 views 2 Comments

by heather

diy false eyelashes

Since I started this site, there have been a few sites that I can always count on to post cool ideas. One of those blogs is Chezlin. Blogger Rachel always has something interesting to share! She recently shared a tutorial on making your own false eyelashes. Instead of shelling out $10 for a pair, make your own. [how to make false eyelashes]

This is especially timely for Halloween! You can make the false eyelashes as long as you want, and add funky embellishments to them (rhinestones, butterfly wings, feathers, or whatever you can imagine). And, the best thing about this project is that you can find the materials at the dollar store. (I have had my eye on that eyelash glue for awhile now, but haven't come up with any brilliant uses for it. Well, here's that brilliant use I was looking for!).

Project Estimate:

  • Eyelash glue, $1
  • An old makeup brush, on hand (or pick a new one up at the dollar store for $1)

Total: $1 and up

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  • Shannon said:

    This is awesome!!

  • krista said:

    Eyelash glue is also great for putting fake gems on your face! Much easier to apply and remove than spirit gum. There is dark colored stuff and clear stuff — the clear works better for gems, but if you’re careful not to get it outside the gem even the dark stuff works. It peels off easily and you can re-use the gems. It’s not super strong, but won’t hurt to remove either.

    I wanted to dress up for a masquerade one year, but couldn’t find a mask, so I used the eyelash glue and fake jewels to create a mask-like pattern on my face — it was fabulous and got lots of compliments.