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Hate Junk Mail? Make Mail Art!

23 October 2011 43,124 views 2 Comments

by heather

junk mail art

I have two questions for you. 1. Do you get a lot of junk mail? And 2. Do you hate throwing all that paper away? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then you are a perfect candidate for some of these great ideas! Making junk mail into art - what a great idea! This first triptych is by Sara at Apartment Therapy - it's a simple project done with junk mail, Sharpies, scissors, and glue. [how to make junk mail art]

junk mail art by lee gainer

This beautiful art is the work of Lee Gainer, who makes stunning mixed media art out of junk mail (and other materials) and sells it in her Etsy Shop: Lee Gainer's Shop. I learned about her art from this post at Rag and Bone.

Over at The Coffee Talk community, I'm chatting about Snail Mail! Do you send it anymore?


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  • Mark De Souza said:


    I’d like to find out how she made this:

    I can’t see close enough how she’s doing the circles. I emailed her at etsy shop but it looks like she’s closing her shop. Can you spare any thoughts?

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!


  • heather (author) said:

    @Mark, I’d guess it’s a whole lot of folding paper into narrow strips, then curling them into circles.