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Dress Up Your Headphones with Perler Beads

1 December 2011 31,171 views 4 Comments

by rhonda

If you are an iPod junkie, your headphones are as much an accessory in your wardrobe as your necklace and your handbag.  It makes sense, then, to treat them as such!  Over at Cut Out + Keep, user xMeerjam personalized hers with a bunch of colorful Perler beads!  Put them on randomly or in a pattern, use a whole rainbow or just a couple of favorite colors.  Make your headphones look like they were made just for you!  (If you can find glow-in-the-dark Perler beads, this would be great to take out jogging in the early morning or evening hours!)  [how to dress up headphones with Perler beads]

Project estimate:

  • Perler beads, on hand or $1 and up
  • Headphones, on hand or $1 and up

Total:  Free and up

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  • Tee said:

    OH…I just had a good laugh. Almost off topic but I just envisioned myself wrapping my DH’s headphone with that “Flame” designed duck tape. I would be sooooo DEAD.

  • Timmi said:

    Great idea! It would certainly provide a cost-effective answer to the “Those are my headphones” arguments that often happen in my house.

  • Party craft secrets said:

    So simple – I love it – might do a Christmas colored set to get super festive!

  • Melty Bead Crafts (Hama Beads) said:

    […] 12) And did you know that Perler Beads make a GREAT decoration for head phones. Genius idea from Dollar Store Crafts! […]