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Add a Pour Spout to a Mason Jar

14 January 2012 22,261 views 11 Comments

by rhonda

This is absolutely freakin' ingenious!  Love the reusability of mason jars but wish that you could pour dry ingredients from them easier?  Rena from The Cheese Thief added a pour spout to a jar, which she then filled with Thai fried garlic.  (She also shares her mother's recipe for the garlic, and I want to make some and put it on everything!)  It would also be great for holding sugar at your coffee station, or even in the craft room for things like small beads.  [how to add a pour spout to a mason jar]

Project estimate:

  • Mason jar, on hand
  • Empty salt container, on hand
  • Paper, on hand

Total:  Free

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  • Roxanne Rowley said:

    what a great idea!!

  • Wren said:

    I had to laugh. I made one of these for my mom for Mother’s Day in Bluebirds ca 1961!!! Talk about a vintage craft. I think mine had flowery stickers on the side though.

  • Elysapeth said:

    Love it!

  • buggal1989 said:

    This would be so great for very small beads too! Use the smaller size jelly jars and then they would stack on top of each other!

    Of Course at the rate I use salt I’d have one jar every 2 years! Once I had a box of salt for 10 years! Salt really does not loose it’s saltiness!

  • Nancy's Couture said:

    What a great idea! I will be making me some of these!

  • Daly @ Write a Bio said:

    This is just what I’m going to make with my pupils for the Mother’s Day. They will be thrilled!

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  • lisa said:


    I made one of these YEARS ago.. mine was not as pretty tho:-)

    thanks for reminding me to make one again.


  • Lisa said:

    This is ingenious! I love the idea!

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  • Hative said:

    What a great mason jar craft idea. I featured it on Cute Mason Jar Craft Ideas.