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Question: Uses for Lidless Baby Food Jars?

9 January 2012 7,842 views 17 Comments

by rhonda

Baby food jars are pretty useful, which is good because they're one of those things that accumulate by the dozens!  They're particularly great for us crafty folk, who tend to have large collections of tiny objects that need to be sorted and stored.  But what if you only have the jar, not the lid?  Over on our Facebook page, reader Jessica C. explains her conundrum:

What can I do with baby food jars that have no lids? They were used to make picture magnets way back, and now I just have jars.

The first thing that comes to mind is using them to make votive candle holders. What do you think? How would you use baby food jars that are missing their lids?

[photo by Flickr user jencu, Creative Commons]

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  • Cliff - handmakemyday.com said:

    I just came up with a neat idea for these, I wonder what I’ll do with all the baby food.. maybe the dog will like it? Will post when the project is done. Thank you so much for a lead on the right sized containers.

  • Cobra said:

    All the rage these days is to make food in jars, they’d be good little snack size containers, and a good many of them recommend eating right away, so no need for the lids. :D

  • Dorothy said:

    drawer organizers, lots of planting ideas… a tabletop or window herb garden. ooo you could wrap wire and beads around the top to make little hanging votive or tealight holder.

  • katie said:

    I have leftover babyfood from my little one-I put it into recipes in place of oil-sweet potatoes with chocolate cupcakes for example. sneaky nutrition plus is using it up! Have a ton of jars and little time to get anything done.One day!!

  • Kirsten said:

    I’m thinking some sort of sorting or sensory activity for the kids. Glue down the jars onto a platter or flat piece of plastic and have them sort beads,or whatever into the jars.
    Maybe paint the bottom of the jars for color sorting. Take the jars outside or dig out old crafts boxes and have them find items that match each color and place in the appropriate jar.

  • Shannon said:

    Here is what I am going to do with some of mine. Attach a strip of wrapping paper around the jar or even a hand drawn picture, printed picture, scrapbook paper etc where the label was. Place a single rose or other flower in the vase. Give it with a handmade card for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day or a birthday.

  • Lexacat said:

    There was an awesome project to make a chandelier made out of babyfood jars and wire, I kid you not, in a book called Eco Craft: Recycle Recraft Restyle, by Susan Wasinger. I wanted to make it, but ended up using the jars for other projects- maybe this summer it will happen! It would be great to hang outside.

  • Lizzy said:

    Stackable storage tower – attach to the bottom of each jar something that fits tightly into the lid of the next, for stability, but not so tightly that you can’t pull them apart to get to the contents. Or a small desk supply organizer – affix their bottoms to a stiff backing so that their mouths are facing outward, then prop against something and fill with paper clips, rubber bands, etc.

  • Emma said:

    I have seen on pinterest baby food jar chandeliers. You put tea light candles in the jars super super pretty :)

  • Nikki Prindle said:

    i have a peg board on the wall by my sewing area, and i used wire and hooks to hang them on the pegboard for sorting out my massive button collection by color :)

  • Janice "Yaya" said:

    When cooking with my “Grands” and everyone wants to add something. So they all take turns adding THEIR jar. Yaya can stand closely keeping it organized,safe and EVERYONE has had their OWN jar…….nice teaching tool about what each ingredient is….sweet, savory…let’s try a new taste, shall we… what does this smell like..is it smooth, rough…….and the list goes on. It’s a free teaching tool!

  • Alisa said:

    Found that baby food chandelier (Once page loads, scroll down to see)


  • [email protected] said:

    We use the larger size for kids drinking glasses in our house. They’re the perfect size for little hands, less wobbly than plastic cups (=less spills) and if the kids break them it’s not a big deal since they were “free”. Thanks to us starting our kids on this from a very early age they’re very good at drinking from glasses without making a mess, a lot better than their peers who only got to use sippys for a long time. They haven’t broken more than one or two through the years (they’re 5 and almost 4 now and haven’t had any baby food to eat for years). It works for us!

  • Danell said:

    Put some peanut butter in them and give to your dog. The dog will be occupied licking the peanut butter out of the jar, can’t chew up the jar and will hopefully stay out from under foot long enough to get dinner made. I have big dogs with long tongues so they can reach the bottom. Might not be much fun for a smaller dog.

  • Mama Squirrel said:

    I would use them (with the labels cleaned off) as table favours or small gifts, holding something edible like jelly beans, candy corn, or conversation hearts (for Valentine’s Day). Since you don’t have the original lids, you could cover the tops with plastic wrap, foil, or a cardboard disc (would a metal juice can lid be too big?), then disguise that with a more decorative topping such as a circle of fabric held on by ribbon.

  • CaRoLiNe said:

    Jar xylaphone
    Tabletop penny toss game > glue points onto the bottom of jars and toss pennies…who’ll get the most points?
    Veggie & Dip jars> Julienne veg and stand in one jar, put dip in other.
    Crayon holders
    Lollipop saver
    Jello snack jars (set jello in jars)
    Glue one to a piece of wood or mirror to make a cupcake stand or use a few more to make a cake stand.

  • jennifer said:

    Here is a repurposing project for the lidless baby food jars: http://monkeyseemonkeydo-jennifer.blogspot.com/2012/01/crayon-organizer-with-plaid-paints.html

    You can make a crayon organizer.