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Make Origami Star Lanterns

26 February 2012 16,515 views 3 Comments

by heather

origami star lanterns

These origami star lanterns by passengers on a little spaceship are so pretty and whimsical. It's amazing what kinds of cool things you can make with just paper and some strategic folds - origami rocks! For safety, use dollar store battery-operated tealights to light up your paper lanterns (or insert a glass tealight holder if you insist on using real candles). This is a great way to use up your 12x12 scrapbooking paper stash. Find the instructions for the origami: [how to make origami star lanterns]

These would look beautiful for a wedding or other party, either as a centerpiece (grouped on a table), or even nestled in the garden as shown here. If you don't want to use scrapbooking paper, how about recycling some newspaper or using brown kraft paper?

Project Estimate:

  • 12x12 sheet of paper, $.50 or on hand
  • Battery-operated tealights, 2 for $1

Total: $1 and up


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  • Heather's Mom said:

    Origami is amazing. Nice find, Heather!

  • Fire said:

    I bet this would look really cute with silver paper(would tin foil fold right, do you think?) or wrapping paper for Christmas decorations!

  • Veronique said:

    Hi Heather
    Thanks a lot for sharing the tutorial! The idea is fabulous.
    I will use it to make my Swaps for a Scrapbooking training. I have to make 50 of them, 35 are already done, all in X-mas designer paper, looks really beautiful. I will share a picture of the project once I’m done.