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Giveaway: T-shirt Crafting & Book Gift Pack

29 March 2012 1,633 views 235 Comments

by heather

tshirt crafting prize pack

Happy Thursday! Here's a fun prize pack I have to give away thanks to my friend Cathie Filian and PLAID for donating these fun items. Cathie is truly one of the most creative, generous, and friendly crafters I know, and I am happy to share her fun books and craft supplies with you today. Scroll down to the bottom of the post for instructions on entering the contest. [UPDATE: This contest is now closed - please see below for winner]

What's in the prize pack?

tshirt crafting books

  • One copy of 101 Snappy Fashions
  • One copy of 101 Tees
  • Two blank wihite baby onesies
  • One mini size glue gun
  • One Hot Glue Gun Helpers finger protector
  • Six plastic sheets of stencils
  • Four iron-on designs
  • Three bottles of fabric paint
  • Two small stenciling brushes
  • One pair of craft scissors

 That's one fun prize pack! Here's how to enter:

And the winner is:



  1. Comment on this post telling me what you would make with these supplies

Quick Rules: Residents of any country where sweepstakes are not prohibited (winner is responsible for any import or customs fees that may be imparted), 18 and older. Ends on Thursday 4/5/2012 at 11:59 PM. Winner will be announced here in this post on or about 4/6/2012.

Full sweepstakes rules here.

Disclosure: Sponsor provided product for giveaway. Affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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  • Rebecca Reddick said:

    I would make all kinds of baby clothes and revamp slightly used toddler clothes for my grandkids!

  • Jenny said:

    oh my goodness, what great prizes. That onesie book certainly is doing wonders for my baby fever.

  • Monica said:

    OMG OMG OMG! Onesies! I love that book! I haven’t seen 101 Tees yet, but I know I would be making lots of onesies, for my upcoming baby, for my friends’ upcoming babies, for our cousins’ upcoming babies… 2012 is apparently the year of the baby around here and I’ve been enjoying the crafty possibilities!

  • Natasha J said:

    no clue what i would make first, some jazzy summer tees for the kids probally, then something for myself

  • Dale said:

    My friend is having a baby shower next month– I’d definitely use the onesie to make a gift for herbaby boy!

  • kassandra benson said:

    I have two babies and clothes are super expensive so I am always trying to make new things for them as well as gifts for others. I am also an activities aide, as well as the person in charge of planning and budgeting arts and crafts, at a senior resident facility. I am always looking for ways for them to create things, give back, and help keep them feeling useful as far as a community participant. These things would really aide me in accomplishing that!! (: Craft on!

  • Esther Brill said:

    What to do won’t be difficult: at least a great t-shirt for me and something for the babygirl of a good friend.

  • Jen P said:

    I would definitely make easter shirts for the kiddos to wear at our annual bbq!

  • Lauren said:

    I would make a cute dress for my niece by cutting the bottom off one onesie, and the top and bottom off the other, and making the skirt ruffled around the bodice. I would use the cupcakes to make a cute emblem on the front, and the excess fabric to make matching shoes! FUN!

  • Sonam said:

    If I had this craft kit I would use it for a baby shower or a babys birthday.
    The way I would decorate the onesi would be by writing the babys name with the paint and how old they are with a cute picture of something

  • kelsey justice said:

    I love this! Such a great give away idea! Personally, I would create shirts and onzies for a few families I know are in desperate of baby and toddler items for their families. My family and I were stuck in a hotel for months while I was pregnant last year and it wasn’t fun at all! We had a few people who wanted to help out and did so. I would be honored if I could help out other families in need, especially when I can personalize to their specific stylistic needs. (:

  • Heather R. said:

    I’d make some wonderful onesies for my sisters-in-law, one whos just had a baby, and one who’s about to, this summer! Then, there would be a great festival of T-shirting for my little boys- maybe an embellishing party! That is a lovely prize package- thank you for having this giveaway. :o)

  • Bonney said:

    OMG!! I would make spring shirts for every baby in my family and neighborhood!! There’s a lot of fun in the prize package!!

  • Kelly said:

    There are so many babies happening around me. I would make some sweet personalized gifts for some of these new little ones!

  • Debbie said:

    Wow! I’d love to win this! As a pastor’s wife from a growing church, I’d love to use this kit to make some handmade gifts for some of the new babies in our congregation.

  • Stefanie said:

    I would make a t-shirt for my dog Reba! She’s a very crafty pup! :)

  • Marie said:

    I’d make gifts and brighten up the summer.

  • Roshanda said:

    Whoot whoot! I love making t-shirts for my girlie girls. We have a family photo shoot coming with with lots of balloons. These would be perfect!

  • Rebecca H said:

    I would make a birthday onesie with that big cupcake! Too cute!

  • maria said:

    We’ve got a few shirts around here that could use a makeover

  • Dina Levin said:

    I would make the onuses for my son, and then I’d decorate some blamk shirts for dress up and have fun!

  • Ashley Britt said:

    Oh my goodness, I have so many pregnant friends right now! It’s not the right time yet for my husband and I to start having kids, so I love to make things for my friends! I would make so many things, especially cute t-shirts with animals on them, to match the animal booties I knit.

  • Sarah Armstrong said:

    I am going to be a great aunt again. it would be great to coordinate baby tees with momma tees n maybe an improvised bag from a t shirt.

  • Liz said:

    I would decorate tshirts for my grandchildren and my boyfriend and me!!!!

  • Amanda jacobs said:

    OMG!!!! What i would do with that wonderful prize pack. I would mke my new nephew some super cute onsies. I would also use the other stuff for crafts with my Girl Scouts we are doing a new t shirt soon and that would so help us out. I need a new glue gun my died last night making an easter egg wreath!:( My Troop and i could make some super awesome t shirts so pick me please!!!

  • Tami said:

    Baby gifts for younger friends and relatives having babies! One friend is due in a week and I *still* need to make something!

  • Robin said:

    I am the Grammie to 5 grandbabies…6 yrs to 4 mos…a gift from my precious daughter. I would take all these items and have “Grammie Time” and see what we all could make with these while making more of those special moments. :)

  • Jamie Jeffery said:


  • crissy's crafts said:

    OMG!!! I would craft my heart away making all kids of cute t-shirts and accessories for my children and friends!!!

  • nessa the procrastinator said:

    I would make onesies for the military families over at Soldiers Angels Operation Top Knot. The charity group holds monthly “showers” for expecting military families and it’s a lot of fun to send someone a gift however large or small. I’m sure they would love a personalized onesie!

  • Kim Smith said:

    OOOH! Shirts for me! Onesies and shirts for my grandbabies! And shirts for all my friends and family for Relay for Life, and the 5k’s I have lined up for this spring! I Love to be unique! <3 Thanks for the great opportunity!

  • Yvie said:

    Wow..I just became a stay at home mom, I could make some cute Tshirts with my youngest who is 4.

  • elidet said:

    I’d love to win this! I’d use this kit to upcycle me and my daughter’s wardrobe!

  • Stacy Stutzka said:

    This would be so fun to do with my daughter and niece. We would make fashionable clothess for our Cabbage Patch babies!

  • Britany Creek said:

    My little sister just found out she is going to have her first baby in November!!! I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNT FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! :)))) I want to make anything and everything for my new little niece/nephew. Of course, the baby will HAVE to have a onsie that says “I have the worlds greatest Aunt” or something along those lines. =) And of course, another onsie that says “world’s custest baby” or something like that. And maybe a onsie that says “I love my Aunt Britany”. OH, and I could use the iron-ons to customize little receiving blankets. The possiblities are endless for this excited new Aunt! heehee.

  • vickie lampron said:

    I have four granddaughters and one grandson and we do a lot of crafts together. This would be a great project for us to do! This will build yet another good memory for the grands to have someday in the future!

  • kristine said:

    My girls love making their own shirts and we have some new babies in our family, too.

  • Laura Duncan said:

    I would make some fun tees for my three little Duncs! Hope I win!!

  • Joy T said:

    Oh man, I would love this! My sister is having a girl in a few months and I could make so many things for her!

  • Kimm M said:

    I would use the onesies for a baby gift for a mommy-to-be who is expecting her first baby this summer.

  • buggalcrafts said:

    firts ‘d make a oneise for my great-nephew and then i’d get a tee and make a cupcake tee for my (grand)daughter who just happens to be 11 today! this would make a great present for her!

  • Christie said:

    I’d have to make cute little outfits for my 8 month old daughter and soon to be 2 year old nephew, plus of course fun stuff for me! I love t-shirt redos but haven’t tried them for kids yet.

  • Rotatia said:

    Oh wow! I have several family members who’ve had babies this month. I would so make up some onesies & shirts for them!!

  • Salena said:

    I would make fun t-shirts for my kids and for me too!

  • Patricia said:

    I would love to have this! Our great-grandson is due in June. This would be awesome to spoil him rotten!

  • Erica said:

    Only the most awesome clothes ever.

    I have a long to-do list of crafts that this would help significantly, but all I really want to do is remake my geeky t’s to make them less generic t-shirt and more feminine awesome.

  • Haley said:

    My 5 month old is growing so fast that she has grown out of almost every cute favorite thing she has! So I would probably use the stencils to make a few similar onsies or t-shirts but in graduating sizes so that she has the “same” outfit even though she’s grown out of it already. Then I would pass on the outgrowns to friends. We have been clothes sharing, but my daughter is definitely the biggest!

  • Laura B. said:

    I would make some onesies for my sister when she has her baby! I’ve already promised to make some baby food for her when he/she starts eating baby food, why shouldn’t I make her his/her clothes too? :)

  • Krista said:

    I would spend an entire afternoon or more with my three kids making thier own outfits! Looks like so much fun!

  • Grams aka Brenda said:

    Would love to make adorable onesies for my sweet 5 mo old grandbaby, Ava.
    Depending on the stencils, would use in scrapbooking for grandchildrens memory books.
    Having Camp Grandma in July and will have so much fun crafting with both mine and my sisters grandchildren so ALL supplies will be put to good use ¦}

  • claire said:

    My little boy would get a whole new wardrobe for summer, and my Niece ,my 2 Nephews, my friends little ones too. I think I might get carried away.

  • Claudia said:

    I would love love love these.. to make some adorable onesies for the new grandbaby we are expecting this summer!!

  • JoAnna Pounds said:

    I would make Onesies with cute attitude! And recycled t shirt projects for babies, kids, and adults. I may even free-hand some pictoral designs on the onsies and t shirts to test my artistic side.

  • Heather said:

    My friend is expecting her first baby in October, and I would definitely make the onesies for her. I would love to revamp some of my kids’ clothing to give to her (especially the clothes with stains).

  • Emily said:

    YAy!!! I alter my Tshirts all the time! I love the cupcake iron on. I would put the cupcake decal on my shirt and have it say in fabric marker: “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy cupcakes. And that’s kind of the same thing.”

  • Stephanie said:

    I would make onesies for my new niece, then I’d get started on the long list of other crafts I want to try with t-shirts!

  • Jennifer Godkin said:

    I would definitely get my kids around and wed all make some shirts for us! Sounds really fun and be a nice indoor activity since AZ summers get so bad you cant go outside much

  • sarakenobi said:

    I am tempted to make a bunch of girly things for my friend’s daughters :)

  • maria said:

    I’d make coordinating onsies for my twin babies!!

  • Mindy said:

    I would have my son and daughter help make summertime t-shirts!

  • Julissa Medina said:

    I would love to make t-shirts for my 3 girls! Especially since they are in girl scouts and would love to do something that we can stand out when we go to field trips or vactions!

  • Eva Baranski said:

    Winning this, would give me the opportunity to start crafting with different materials… New and Exciting… also would be able to grab some deals on my new craft at the dollar stores…. instead of passing them by !!!!!!! Eva

  • Grace said:

    We are having our first baby on June and I will make things for my baby!

  • Eva Baranski said:

    WOW !!!!!!!!!

  • Amy Rose said:

    I would make the family reunion t-shirts use the great supplies and ideas.

  • Stephanie said:

    I would make some baby stuff for my first niece/nephew who will arrive later this year! We dont know the sex..so I would have to stick to some cheeky nuetral funny stuff!

  • Nancy said:

    I would make something for my 5 year old daughter. She just had her tonsils and adenoids out and is miserable. She would love this!

  • Charlotte Sprague said:

    We are always looking for fun projects to keep our two granddaughters that live with us busy.They love art,everyone would be wearing newly embelished T shirts.Happy crafting!!!!

  • sunny said:

    I have a 6mth old and a 2.5 yo….so onesies and shirts that are matching would be cute. They’re also honorary ringbearers at their uncle’s wedding, so maybe tuxedo onesies/shirts? Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Samantha said:

    Winning this most generous package would put me on track for a fully handmade Christmas – my most ambitious New Years Resolution to date.

  • DENISE ROSA said:


  • Michelle L. said:

    Love Cathie Fillian! Thanks for the giveaway opp, I would make gifts for my mom’s new pug, Lola – because I bet a baby onesie would fit her!

  • Sarita said:

    So many possibilities but I would definitely make some onesies for my newest niece who is due any day now!

  • NikkiBirdsall said:

    Personalized onesies/tshirts for my daughter and my friends kids. I’ve had so many cute ideas, but the tshirt people around here are so expensive. And some matching tshirts for hubby baby and myself for family outings. :D

  • gina sandoval said:

    Shirts for my sons day care friends for easter!

  • teri champion said:

    Since I live on a strict budget of $449.00 per month and I have a god child on the way it would be awsome to win that way I could make cute little shirts for the baby shower!!!

  • Stephanie said:

    I would make t-shirts that all matched in some way or another for all my daycare children with their and my daycare names on it :)

  • Ellie G said:

    I would shirts for my daughter and onesies for my son and I would mommy shirts for them. I would make family shirts for us. I have so many ideas.

  • Heather said:

    As 2012 is the year of the baby with all my friends, I’m be making onesies till the cows come home.

  • Vone said:

    I’ve been wanting to revamp some of my tees and I’m sure my girls would love some fun new tees too.

  • Sandra said:

    I would make by sister’s baby (due in late May early June) shirts and finally design my own shirt which I have been itching to do for the past 2 years!

  • Angie said:

    Oh my goodness! I would use the onesies to make a gift for a friend with a baby on the way. I got a bunch of canvas tote bags on clearance, so I would use the supplies on those!

  • Angie said:

    Love it! I’d make onesies for my baby and matching shirts for my daughter and endless other possibilities :)

  • Jensie Caguimbal said:

    I would love this for my daughter and I to work together on some tees. It’s a great package to get us started!

  • Carrie said:

    My sister is expecting and I would love to surprise her with a few adorable outfits for my new niece or nephew!!!

  • Amber said:

    I’ve been wanting to check out the 101 tees since I first heard of it. Blank tees are so boring and I would love this to come up with some more ideas for creating.

  • Jennifer Morton (@Shawndra) said:

    I am a new grandmother (not technically old enough), and this would be a great weekend project for me. The rest of the kit would be welcomed by all my teenage girls, who love to make their own designs on shoes and tees. Oh, this would be so much fun!

  • Carmen Lucero said:

    With the help of those T-shirt books, I would make every one a T-shirt, of course, and especially one for the newest member of our family who will be born in the summer!

    Thanks for the chance!

    Carmen L

  • Gina said:

    I love making easy, iron-on type shirts for my 6 y.o. (since I can’t sew). We’d have a ball coming up with new ideas with this fun pack!

  • mara said:

    I would make my fresh new nephew and also my equaly fresh little neighbor some cute boy-stuff & maaaaybe some tee for me too :)

  • Ashlee H said:

    I’d love to make my neighbor some cute little onsies for her baby! And then for the t-shirt book, I could revamp up some of my older clothes for cooler looks because I’m loosing weight and I don’t want to go out and purchase a BUNCH of new clothes until I’m at my ideal weight, so I’ll revamp the old stuff. C:

  • susan russell said:

    Cute baby clothes for a coworkerz

  • Jenny said:

    I didn’t even have to pause to think about this one. My friend just had twins! A darling boy & girl… so definitely shirts for them to start.

    From there I think it would be fun to make a matching mother/daughter set for my BFF for Mother’s day.

  • MARIE HALL said:

    My granddaughter and I would love to have this. We are always crafting together (she is just 7 years old). We could have so much fun with this package and she could even make something for her sister to wear! (her sister is just 17 months old!)

  • Michelle said:

    With a few babies in the family on the way I would love to make a bunch of onesies for them.

  • Carrie said:

    Wow! Great giveaway, I would love to make some birthday presents for friends & family…so many spring bdays :)

  • Lizz said:

    Lots of baby showers of friends coming up this spring! I would make a few adorable onesies and some Ts for their older kids.

    :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  • sharon hutchinson said:

    I lost a lot of weight over the last six months during my divorce – not counting the 250lbs that had been making the quality of my life miserable the judge rid me of – and I have a lot of tshirts, knit jerseys Im fond of because theyre soft, comfortable, familiar but larger than I need now. I’d like to make over some of them rather than get rid of them, after all I rid myself of what I allowed to make me unhappy, kept the rest of my life so the renovated shirts would be symbolic of this change.

  • memorymaven said:

    Ooh…I would spend a whole weekend making t-shirts for my two girls and sweet boy. They LOVE when I make them things, especially if they can wear them. I might also make a shirt or two for myself, you know, just because :)

  • Gretchen said:

    Everyone around me is having babies! (Not me, though!) I just love making personal presents for baby shower gifts. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Heather said:

    I would make summer clothes for my kids!

  • Em said:

    Wow, what a great giveaway–I would make gifts for two friends who are
    expecting babies this year-and that would be just the start!

  • Hannah B. said:

    I would make my gorgeous baby girl some adorable onesies:)

  • Jen VG said:

    I would decorate some onsies for my soon to be nephew!

    Jen VG

  • Jennifer M. said:

    I would make onesies for my friend who is expecting and my girls and I would have a tee shirt crafting weekend for ourselves! I would love these!

  • Jessica morgan said:

    I would make my toddler a ton of shirts.

  • heather hemphill said:

    I would make tshirts for this charity event i am hosting to teach the imp. of learning through play! I am trying to host it w/ zero cost, so this would be helpful for sure!

  • Nancy's Couture said:

    I would jazz up some plain and stained tees of my kids

  • Auntie Em said:

    Our small town in rural Kentucky is holding 2 weeks of summer daycamp sessions and providing scholarships for underserved kids. I know they’d have a ball doing some t-shirts!

  • Renee G said:

    I’d decorate t-shirts and onesies for my nieces and nephews.

  • katie m said:

    I would use the prize to create some fun t-shirts for two friends who are getting married this summer!

  • Carrie said:

    I love t-shirt crafts. Making shirts the my niece and nephews love is one of the most rewarding feelings. They would have such a fun time with these things over the summer when I go visit them!!

  • Debby said:

    what a fun, great give away! I would make my kids,
    my sisters, and ME some fun t-shirts.

  • Kathie said:

    There are so many fun things that you could make out of all this fun stuff!! I would love to make some fun tshirts and onesies for my kids!!

  • tammy mcculloch said:

    I have a grandson due in July,my first,I would use the package to make some cute little onesies.Something the parents can keep and pass on.Thanks

  • Ticia said:

    A cute t-shirt for me and then a onesie for my nephew who’s due in a month.

  • Abie said:

    I would make onsies of every kind! I have a couple pregnant friends, and these would make the perfect gifts!

  • Katherine said:

    I would for sure decorate the onesies for my soon-to-be born niece. And who knows what fun I would have after that!

  • Nikki Prindle said:

    oh my goodness…i have an adorable niece who just turned 1, and a baby nephew who is a month old…if i were to win this, i would make them both sooooooooooooo many cute things :) and, mega bonus…if i win i’ll send you a picture of each in their adorable outfits! (trust me…my niece’s adorable little blue eyes and chubby cheeks will just make you MELT!)

  • Brenda Melahn said:

    I would make onesies for my new granddaughter coming in July; re-make tee shirts into maternity tops for my daughter-in-law; and cute summer tee shirts for my 8 year old granddaughter.

  • Heather C said:

    I would make some baby shower gifts and also fix at least one shirt that my daughter has ripped.

  • Denise said:

    I have a brand new granddaughter and with these supplies, she can be outfitted in style!

  • BMackey said:

    how fun! i always stock pile plain tees through out the summer, and then make my kiddos a new back to school wardrobe without spending quite so much.

  • Beth said:

    I would make lots of dinosaur goodies for my toddler!

  • Darlene Propp said:

    What a fun group of things to play with. I’d love to add some of them to my daily journal. :-)

  • Ella said:

    So many baby gifts can be made with the items.

  • gerri zoppa said:

    would love to win this package!

  • Katherine B said:

    I will make onsies for my granddaughters and t-shirts for everyone else!

  • Tanya R said:

    I have lots of nieces that I would love to make some t-s for. Some are tweens and I think the techniques in the book would be great for them. I also have a teaching studio and I would love to show off some of these tips.

  • Michelle Krisik said:

    I would make some really cute onsies. I know a couple gals who are expecting, and these would make cute gifts for them! :)

  • Meg K said:

    I have a one year old daughter that I would love to to a ton of crafting with & this is a great start! How fun it would be to start making crafty tees for her :) Thanks for this!!!

  • Susie Feazell said:

    The 101 Tees looks very interesting!

  • Diane Coddington said:

    WOW! Looks like a GREAT pack!

    I would make my daughter “Belle of the Ball” by dressing her shirts in one of a kind designs (with her help of course!!!) and my son “the Coolest Dude” with cool handmade designs (and yes, he likes to craft with me too!). I think we should start a saying, “Real men craft!!!”


  • Tessa Ruelas said:

    I have 2 boys and if I got my hands on that prize I would:
    -read Cathie’s books over and over and over…
    -use the stencil, paints, and decorate the onesies
    -add elastic to the appliques and make headbands (one for myself)
    -and every crafter needs a pink glue gun =)
    -I would craft my fingers to the bones

  • Ryan said:

    I would make lots of cute things for both of my daughters!

  • Kimberlee said:

    I’d definitely make fun onesies for gifts, I have a few friends expecting.

  • jodi said:

    I would LOVE to make a personalized birthday shirt for my daughter!

  • Stephanie Lee said:

    My teen-age daughter wears practically nothing but t-shirts, and the more unique the better! I would make her a series of tees and try to incorporate her favorite bands and TV shows in the designs. That way she could stand out from the crowd without breaking my bank. :)

  • Melissa said:

    I’m expecting my first so this would go a long way toward adorable outfits for her now and as she grows!

  • Jackie Burns said:

    These items look like a fun way to come up with something totaly different than they were meant for.

  • Chantale said:

    My 4 month old would have the cutest onesies! :)

  • Megan said:

    First, I’d use the paint to make all my son’s socks and pj’s no-skid.

  • marie said:

    i would make these as gifts for good freinds that have kids =]

  • Teresa boston said:

    I would make a bunch if onesies for my brand new nephew:)

  • Mommydoll13 said:

    i would make some shirts for my kids..

  • Jeanne J said:

    How cool! T-shirts for everyone at the upcoming family reunion this summer! whoot whoot!!

  • Tonya Kaushik said:

    I’d make some onesies for a friend of mine’s baby. Very cute stuff. I’d also like to design some funky Ts for myself!

  • sandy said:

    A bunch of baby tshirts for my niece!

  • love2dream said:

    A onesie for my baby girl (anything girly! after two boys I’m all about pinks, hearts and sparkles!)

  • Tee said:

    OH MY, what a package!!

    I’ve got tons of tee-shirts that I use for headbands and jewelry. I’d love to try refashioning with this book.

    Tee (no, really, it’s my name(

  • Denise said:

    I would make some adorable personalized onesies for my niece who will be born in July. We just found out the sex and everyone is SO exceited!

  • Heather Phillips said:

    I would let my 5 year old, Sofi, decorate the onesies for her 8 week old sister, Salem, and I’d make matching sets of onesies and T shirts for both of them. I’d use ideas from the books to make shirts for my nieces and nephews, as well, and onesies for all my pregnant and recently post partem girlfriends!

  • Michele said:

    I would make oodles and oodles of cute onesies for my little baby!

  • genie said:

    Matching shirts for myself, baby due in August and my soon to be 4 year old daughter. Considering that I have virtually no craft supplies (huge wildfire) I can actually USE all of this. Thanks so much for the contest!

  • Kendragon said:

    I would invite my fashionista friend over and make a few onesies for my June baby-on-the-way. Then I would investigate the Tees book to liven up all my solid-color maternity shirts. Seriously, are the only things pregnant ladies can wear striped (yikes!) or solid?

  • Cynthia Iversen said:

    I love to make gifts for new babies in our parish. Every spring brings a new ‘bumper crop’ of adorable infants!

  • Lela L Middour said:

    Awesome giveaway! I’d love to make some of the onesies!

  • melissa said:

    I would make shirts for the children’s ministry at my church. Also for our soldiers over seas.

  • Gioia said:

    I have 2 toddler and a baby gift to make and this would be perfect. Plus I love decorating t-shirts, bib and sweatshirts :) Thank you!

  • Stefeni said:

    I would make my soon to be daughter the cutest onesies ever!! Oh the possibilities.

  • Amy said:

    Sweet outfits for my new niece being born on Saturday.

  • Heidi aka Digital Misfit said:

    I would make adorable embellished onesies and onesie dresses for my best friend’s baby girl, due in May! I have had my eye on that Snappy Fashions book for awhile.

  • Karla said:

    I would make up a couple of baby gifts for my pregnant friends, then have fun with my kiddos making some awesome items!

  • Mike K said:

    I have a young friend who loves personalized cotton t-shirts; especially if they have something interesting on them, like dinosaurs or parts of the anatomy, or bugs etc. She’d love to help me make them and label the “parts” and creatures. She has asperger’s.

  • Laura said:

    What a fun prize pack! I would definitely make some fun summer tees for my two kids. I would maybe even make matching tees for the whole family for a fun family photo!

  • Hope B said:

    My two girls and I would have all sorts of TSHIRT making fun this summer while school’s out!

  • Denise Leahart said:

    I would like to win this prize pack because things I see on Facebook and Pinterest make me feel like the most clever & crafty person in the world, I just need the tools to prove it! Also, I love the dollar store like others love the mall! ;)

  • Christina Sweatman said:

    Love This!!! My BFF is having her baby shower next month. I would make her some cute stuff ;)

  • tabitha said:

    I would make lots of cute little baby clothesprops for my photography business, sherbetstudios!

  • Michelle Ames said:

    I would create shirts for the new Massage Alliance we just formed!

  • Melinda said:

    I want this…it looks so fun!

  • Angela LeBlanc said:

    I would make good on the Christmas gifts for all of my grand nieces and nephews. I had a few medical problems and wasn’t able to design the tees that they wanted.I would really put all of this to good use. They understood that Aunt Angie wasn’t able to come through with the goods,but I still feel guilty that I was unable to give them each a tee made just for them.

  • nitasha said:

    If I had this awesome t-shirt craft pack I would make some cute shirts for my little cousin and niece! They would love some personalized t-shirts! Thanks so much for the chance!

  • Tawna said:

    I would make wonderful onesies for my cousin who is due with#3 in sept the rest I would upcycle/revamp the hand me downs for my 12 nieces and nephews! And maybe make a onesie for my yet unconcieved child:)

  • Martha said:

    If I win, I will make t-shirts for my grand-daughters. Soooooo soooo cute!!

  • Tameris Rought said:

    My family would make something together for our son to help him be close to daddy when he leaves for basic training for the Army

  • Brenda said:

    I would love to win. I would get some great ideas for Vacation Bible School

  • Jodi said:

    I would use these supplies to work with the kids at my daughter’s school to help with their t-shirt contest and banner making contest.

  • Tanya said:

    Fun! I’d make a bunch of things for all the kids and new babies in the family, plus some things to sell at our local senior’s home fundraiser (very near and dear to our family). Thrifting and recycling t-shirts is such a great idea!

  • carrie said:

    I would definitely get such good use out of this product! I have two kids and a few nieces and a nephew. I love crafting. I would maybe vamp up some plain t’s we already have, maybe give one to my daughter’s new friends. [=

  • Bonnie said:

    I would use this to have a crafting party with my grandchildren. They love any and all craft items and love to make things to show off to everyone.

  • Heather said:

    I would make some VERY adorable baby clothes and take them to church to donate for young mothers that need a little help. Those cute little things would make some very happy babies AND mommies!

  • Amy said:

    I would make t shirts for my kids, nieces and nephews, and friends kids.

  • tammy b said:

    frankly, i wouldn’t make anything….i would give it all to my crafty girl (craftiness inherited from me of course) whose unique style i love!

  • julie said:

    I like this kit.. I would make them up for the fun of it and give them away to friends!

  • Marissa said:

    I would make my 6-year-old daughter and 2-year-old twin neices some cute tees!

  • kathy said:

    Would love to make shirts for my kiddos.

  • Cynthia said:

    Neato! The first thing I’d do would be to make a dragon T for my toddler. He’s been begging for one for a while, and I’d finally have the push (and supplies!) to do it. Then, I’d use 101 Snappy Fashions to make some super-cute clothes for my soon-to-be baby girl. I’m dying to craft for her, esp. after two boys. Finally, mama needs some new things. I’d love to peruse 101 Tees and find something easy and cute to keep me out of the pre-and post-pregnancy frumpies.

  • Jennifer C. said:

    With my husband being laid of recently, it’s been hard to find things to do with our 4 kids that doesn’t cost a fortune. If I was to win this, my kids & I would have a blast making a day full of fun shirt making activities. My 8 month old daughter would end up with some pretty awesome onesies too!

  • Meg said:

    I’m not sure what i’d make…. probably decorate sweatshirts/tshirts for my day care kids to wear on field trips!

  • Linda murdock said:

    I would love to have this kits.

  • Norma Harrington said:

    I would use the prize pack to make onsies for my first grandbaby. Duein November. Im goinng tobe the greatest grandma ever.

  • jennifer gradin said:

    I’d make a new wardrobe for my goddaughter.

  • annette said:

    I would make my daughter some cute new shirts (she loves that I get crafty for her) then once I found out what gender my baby is going to be I’ll make them some cute stuff too :)

  • Andrea said:

    I would make some bolero jackets for me and my daughter. A t-shirt vest; t-shirt flowers. I would make a homecoming t-shirt for my daughter. I would make babie t’s for all my friends who have little ones. I love giving to others a piece myself and with this pack I can give gifts continously with all of the supplies. I could buy things for birthdays and other occasions, but I would rather make it even if it takes time for me to do so. Please pick me to win this pack. I am a Kraft fanatic.

  • kendra said:

    Personalized T’s for y son and his buddies in Tiger Den at Boy Scout Camp this summer!

  • heather Valentine said:

    Shirt for my oldest that says “big sisters rule” and a onesie for my little one that says “little sisters drool”!

  • Wehaf said:

    I’d make some baby clothes for my new niece.

  • Kathy said:

    WOW! I would make some summer clothes for my daughter and some cute baby gifts with this prize!

  • Lora W. said:

    My son and I would enjoy making presents for the rest of the family.

  • Emillie said:

    I would make onesies for my nieces and nephews.
    hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

  • ildi-The Craftin Mama said:

    I would make my hubby shirts for our business and if there is anything let over, I would make myself something nice!! Thanks for the oppertunity.


  • gemma stevens said:

    i would love to make some onesy and send them to my friend in america thats just had a baby and then it would go to my girl guide group to use to make things for badges and fund raising.x

  • Ashleigh said:

    Awesome! I’d make some gifts for friends who are having babies… and then I’d host a ‘crafternoon’ with my friends and revamp a bunch of our own shirts!

  • Shaina said:

    I would make some fantabulous duds to give away as gifts! :)

  • Molly said:

    I love this- I am a librarian who would add the books to our collection and do a program for kids and adults with these supplies. I think they’d love it. :D

  • Joanna said:

    I would make matching t-shirts for my boys. It’s so cute when they dress alike. :-)

  • Morgan C. said:

    I would make the onesies and turn one into a cute baby jersey, and the other into a Easter onesie, complete with a pastel tutu of course!

  • sw said:

    I would make something cute for my nephew!

  • Nancy D. said:

    I’m a mom. I live in T-shirts and so do my kids. We love crafts. We’d update the whole family’s wardrobe.

  • Lori P said:

    What a fun giveaway!!! Oh I could make some really cute baby items for a baby shower I am co-hosting! Budget is small, so I could use them for baby games, gifts, and I’m sure I can get some fun giveaways out of those items too …

  • Aarika said:

    I will make adorable things for my adorable niece and adorable nephews.

  • christin said:

    I would make onesies for my 13 month old daughter. I have made a couple using the onesies from the Dollar Tree. I wish they had larger sizes b/c it’s nice to not worry if she is going to spill something on it and ruin it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Leighann said:

    I’m expecting a niece or nephew in June, and I have tons of my owns children’s clothes that I would love to pass on to the new little one, after they’ve been repurposed a bit!

  • Kathleen Duncan said:

    I have boxes of T shirts that need something to make them wearable. Also have a brand new great-niece that I make things for. Everything looks like lots of fun!

  • Cassandra Holdeman said:

    I would make some cute onesies for my new niece or nephew that will arrive in September.

  • Stax said:

    Ironic T-Shirt! Obviously!

  • LinhC said:

    I’d use this package to make onesies for my new niece or nephew!

  • ann bennie said:

    Oh my, just think of all the cute onesies/tees for those babers out there……I know my great niece would love a matching tee with a onesie for her new baby sister……oh what ogling fun they would have shopping with their Mom!

  • PatS said:

    well to begin with lots of our friends and family are having babies!! sooo that means only one thing baby clothes!! then when I have enough of that I also make small dog dresses and coats and this all would be perfect! thanks!

  • Kerry Prehn said:

    Your prizes have inspired me to make the onesies for expectant mothers at a preganacy center and the t-shirts I would design for my nieces and nephews in Florida and New York. They would appreciate a special t-shirt to fit their own style. The cupckae desin I would put on a onesie with a special caption, depending on the child and the t-shirt book would be helpful in choosing just the right type for my family.


    The High School Kids now a days I notice…my nieces love to decorate all their tshirts matching to go to a rock concert…for homecoming day or any event they are holding. I’ve never seen this before. They have fun and that is who I would gift it to.

  • G Middleton said:

    I would use the stencils and fabric paint to decorate the onesie.

  • michelle b said:

    i have 3 sweet little great nieces.. two are 7 years old..and the baby just turned one…so I’d be bust creating things for them with this wonderful collection of supplies and materials.

  • Melissa said:

    Make onsies and tee’s for the nieces and nephews!

  • Tempest said:

    Everyone I know is having a baby and these would be great for showers plus my daughter and I love making shirts for her and her brother. This would be a perfect family craft day project.

  • marybeth i said:

    I would make fun, hip clothes for my tweens

  • jessicac said:

    I suddenly have multiple friends who are expecting.. so I would bust out some cute onesies!

  • Becky said:

    MY husband and I are starting to try for another child so the onsies caught my attention. I could make really cute ones. plus t shirts for the whole family. something my 10 year old step daughter/ craft buddy and I can do together

  • Shawn said:

    I got 101 Tees from the library a few months back! Loved it! Saw some great ideas to make for my kiddos! thanks!

  • brds1990 said:

    I’d make some art for the walls of my baby girls bedroom. Something she can touch and feel textures. She’s almost 1 and wants to touch or taste EVERYTHING.

  • yvonne said:

    Some many crafts…so little time! I can definitely see my daughter’s girl scout troop (3rd and 4th graders) using these things to make projects for themselves as well as making onesies to donate.

  • Brady said:

    Fabulous personalized onesies and some matching burp cloths and maybe a totebag! And a matching big-sis t-shirt, too!

  • Stefanie Gott-Dinsmore said:

    Everybody is having baby’s so I would make some presents for the mom to bes :)