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Make Colorful Recycled Beads

26 April 2012 3,273 views 5 Comments

by rhonda

Even the best pair of jeans will eventually wear out.  It's a sad-but-true fact of life, and especially sad when your favorite, comfiest pair finally reaches the point of being unwearable.  On the bright side, that means you can cut them up and recycle them into fun, colorful jewelry!  Amanda from Crafts by Amanda made these colorful fabric beads using craft paint mixed with fabric medium, which turns it into fabric paint.  This way you can keep wearing that favorite pair of jeans for many, many years to come!  [how to make colorful recycled beads]

Project estimate:

  • Old jeans, on hand
  • Acrylic paint, on hand
  • Fabric medium, on hand or $1 and up
  • Glue, on hand

Total:  Free and up

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  • Amanda said:

    Awesome, thanks for the great feature Rhonda!!

  • Michelle L. said:

    So pretty! Great jeans upcycle, one I haven’t seen before.

  • How-To: Recycled Denim Beads @Craftzine.com blog said:

    […] [Via Dollar Store Craft] […]

  • Steph-a-nie said:

    Absolutely WONDERFUL idea!! Thanks for sharing!! Gonna find some jeans and make a cute bracelet or two! =)

  • cat williams said:

    Love this blog post!! Such a creative idea. If you love pretty accessories for women and girls make sure to check out my store Simply 1 Love. All items are handmade by me.


    Thanks so much!!