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Free Printable: “Tearable Puns” Silly Flyer

31 May 2012 14,415 views 5 Comments

by rhonda

If you follow our Facebook page, you might have seen my recent post about my shenanigans at work.  On a slow day around the office all by myself, I decided that the bulletin board in our hallway was too empty.  So I made a flyer - a very silly flyer featuring a collection of "tearable puns."  (Awful, I know!)  By popular demand, we've made it available to download as a PDF!  Just print it out and cut slits between the puns so they can be torn off.  I zipped off a couple of extras and hung one at the local coffee shop as well, as seen here.  I hope it brings a smile to someone's day who really needs it!  Where will you hang yours?  [click here to view the PDF]

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  • Morena said:

    Ha! What a fun idea!!

  • Katie said:

    Haha! Love this! I especially like the one about the man who fell into the upholstery machine. ;)

  • Kate said:

    I’m a corny sort, so I greatly appreciate these puns! I immediately printed it out and put it on my work bulletin board! Thanks!

  • Toby said:

    Wow did you really invent these? I just saw them on the supermarket noticeboard in Kununurra Western Australia, about the most out-of-the-way place imaginable.. And it really brightened up my day. I know just the place for the next copy to delight and amaze..

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