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Make Flip Flop Plant Sconces

23 May 2012 25,365 views 13 Comments

by rhonda

Perfect for displaying a little color poolside or along a fence, we spotted these adorable flip flop plant sconces at Garden Share, posted by user Jon S.  The post doesn't have much in the way of instructions (though there are some great tips in the comments), but the idea is fairly self-explanatory: nail flip flops to wall, insert coffee mugs.  It will take you just minutes to hang and assemble them, and you'll enjoy the fruits of your limited labor all summer long.  Now that's our kind of project!  [how to make flip flop plant sconces]

Project estimate:

  • Flip flops, $1
  • Coffee mugs, on hand or $2
  • Floral foam, $1

Total:  $2 and up

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  • Michelle L. said:


  • Tresa said:

    This is just adorable! So clever and easy to do.

  • Shannon Fox said:

    So cute! Fun & Whimsical. Love it =)

  • R. Bradford said:

    do you think you could find a small terra cotta planter paint it to match your flipflops and then insert it into the flop? or do you think the small terra cotta would be too heavy?

  • Stephanie said:

    @R. Bradford: you could always try it. I think they used the mug because of the handle on it. Looks like the handle is hooked under the strap.

  • heather said:

    Or maybe you could use the flimsy plastic pots inside, just pop them out to water them.

  • Emmon said:

    This is such a clever matching of two two things I wouldn’t have thought would go together — flip flops and coffee mug planters. It’s brilliant! (and fun!)

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  • Carole B. said:

    Those are cute. I might make them & put them in my scrapping room to hold my markers & pens

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  • Betty Stotts said:

    I used terra cota planters, and they aren’t that heavy.

  • Robin said:

    I tried these. The flip flop would not hold the cup. So I tried a solo cup and nailed it to the flip flop. The nail made the cup crack. My attempt at these was a big FLOP!