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Make Punched Paper Candle Wraps

6 September 2012 7,463 views 4 Comments

by rhonda

I love fancy candles and candle holders, so much so that I could easily spend a small fortune amassing a collection.  But why spend a ton of cash when you can take the DIY route for so much cheaper?  Over at Crafts Unleashed, Angie whipped up some punched paper candle wraps that look fancy and expensive, but you can recreate them for as little as a dollar!  She used LED tea light candles tucked inside of wax sleeves that make them look like pillar candles; Dollar Tree sometimes carries battery-operated pillar candles that would also work great for this project.  [how to make punched paper candle wraps]

Project estimate:

  • Paper, on hand
  • Punches, on hand or $1 and up
  • LED pillar candle (or LED tea light and wax candle sleeve), $1 and up
  • Tape, on hand

Total:  $1 and up

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  • Sherry said:

    I think the thing that makes these so lovely is the Martha Stewart punches, which are FAAAR from a dollar each. If you tried this with the usual cheap punches, the effect would be totally different and far less elegant. (More like Mexican luminarias, probably.) (Of course, if you have or can borrow the expensive punches, this is still a bargain project, so totally viable for this group, but I had to pipe in owning a couple of MS punches that cost more like $25 each, as I recall. Bought with coupons, of course!)

  • Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said:

    Thanks so much for the feature! :)

    For Sherry — I think if you own a cricut or silhouette you could also make these just as easily! :)

  • Sarah said:

    I completely agree with Sherry. This project basically requires that you purchase non-dollar store items, or expects that you have in the past. I like to see things I can do with what I already have, but preferably things that can also be done on the cheap, without having to have made larger purchases in the past.

  • Laura said:

    where would u find the wax sleeves at?