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Tutorial: Make a Mod Christmas Tree

4 December 2012 2,923 views 4 Comments

by morena

Tutorial: Make a Mod Christmas Tree (via dollarstorecrafts.com)

When I found this red "thing" in the toy section at Dollar Tree I really wasn't sure what it was.  Several of them were piled in an unmarked box.  I thought they kind of looked like vases, so I bought one with a vague idea of what to do with it.

When I took it apart to spray paint, the shape reminded me of the cone Christmas trees I keep seeing everywhere.  So, I shifted gears and went for a mod holiday craft.  Inspired by Heather's awesome polka dot pumpkins, I created a bright, funky tree to decorate my mantle.
Project estimate:
  • Red plastic vase toy, $1
  • Acrylic paint,  on hand or $1 and up
  • Glue dots, on hand or $3 and up
  • Glitter, on hand or $1
  • Cardboard or plastic tube, on hand

Total:  $1 and up

Tutorial: Make a Mod Christmas Tree (via dollarstorecrafts.com)
To make your own mod Christmas tree decor:
Step 1:  Take the two pieces apart and paint.  I used Deco Art's Kiwi Green acrylic paint.
Step 2:  Put various size glue dots all over the tree.
Step 3:  Cover the glue dots with glitter. (I used Dollar Tree glitter).
Step 4:  Glue a tube into the base to hold the tree together.  I recycled an ornament tube that was the perfect size, but I could have also cut a paper towel tube to size.
Tutorial: Make a Mod Christmas Tree (via dollarstorecrafts.com)
I used an old dryer sheet to wipe the excess glitter off my finished project.  Since I have 4 kids who will want to manhandle play with the tree, I sealed it with a finishing spray from Krylon.
I love how cheery and hip my tree decor is, and it matches the blue and green accents I have in my living room.  Just a few more projects till my mantle is complete.  Fingers crossed that it's all done before Christmas!
Tutorial: Make a Mod Christmas Tree (via dollarstorecrafts.com)

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  • Amanda G. said:


    and the pictures look great!

  • Valarie said:

    Very cool. I get a lava lamp vibe from it :)

  • morena (author) said:

    Thanks, Amanda!

    YES, Valarie, that’s what I was going for! Thanks! :)

  • Shaina Renae' said:

    This is so cute and such a neat idea. Thanks for sharing!