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Tutorial: Santa Hat Picture Frame

19 December 2012 1,207 views 2 Comments

by summer

Tutorial: Make a Santa Hat Picture Frame

When Christmastime comes I completely redecorate my house.  I even take down all the pictures in my house to put Christmas pictures in there place.  However there are several pictures that I hate to put away, but are lacking the holiday look.  I came up with a great way to keep those pictures out and add a holiday twist.

Project estimate:

  • Acrylic picture frame, $1
  • Pet-sized Santa hat, $1
  • Hot glue, on hand
  • Photograph, on hand

Total: $2

Tutorial: Make a Santa Hat Picture Frame

This is a super quick craft.  Remove the picture insert and remove the Santa hat from the packaging.

Tutorial: Make a Santa Hat Picture Frame

Glue Santa hat on the front side of the frame only.  This will allow you to switch the pictures out in the back without anything in the way.

Tutorial: Make a Santa Hat Picture Frame

Place your favorite picture in the frame and you now have a smiling face with a new Christmas look!

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  • Kharen said:

    What a cute idea!!!

  • Olivia said:

    This is very cute, I’ll have to do this next year. As a side note, you may want to edit your description, as I believe you used the wrong “there” (instead of the grammatically correct “their”). I’m really not trying to make you feel bad, I just always appreciate when my friends point out my little errors, so I can fix them. I view it as helpful. Anyway, thanks for the great idea for the craft! :)