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Tutorial: Gilded Owl Bookends

18 December 2012 4,974 views 4 Comments

by morena

DIY Gilded Owl Bookend

I like shiny things, and I think a lot of you do, too.  I'm seeing lots of gilded decor on Pinterest and in stores and I just love it!  There are some great, inexpensive crafter's paints out right now that make it easy to create a faux gilded look.  Read on to learn how I turned a Dollar Tree owl into a chic gilded bookend.

DIY Gilded Owl Bookend

Project estimate:

  • Owl Figurine,  $1
  • White Spray Paint, on hand
  • Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint, on hand or $1
  • Wood pieces, on hand
  • Paper, on hand
  • Glue, on hand

Total:  $1 and up

DIY Gilded Owl Bookend
To make your own gilded owl bookend:

Step one:  Paint your figurine white.  I used a Halloween owl from the Dollar Tree, but now they have glittery owls (pictured) that would work, too.  The glitter comes off very easily, so you could clean it off first and then paint.

Step two:  Paint your owl with two layers of the metallic gold paint.

DIY Gilded Owl Bookend

Step three:  Decoupage and/or paint your wood squares.  My squares came from a bag of wood I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I sanded my edges to give them a distressed look.

Step four:  Glue your pieces together to form the bookend, and glue your owl in place.  I used E-6000.

DIY Gilded Owl Bookend
I love my faux gilded owl bookend!  It's going to look great in my office.  What a transformation from the brightly colored owl I started with.  If gold's not your style, try faux pewter or spray paint.  Have fun creating!

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  • Samantha said:

    Very cute. Gold fixes everything.

  • Jessie said:

    Thanks for the great idea! The sheet music part really makes it special, at least for me. Easy enough to buy a book of sheet music, if you don’t already have some. I used a bit of brown-yellow paint mixed into some Mod Podge to give mine the “aged” look. I’m super-excited for how my version (with frogs!) is turning out! Thank you thank you!

  • Marcie said:

    Are those owls ceramic? I tried to spray paint a glazed/ shiny ceramic piece once and the primer pealed right off. Should I not have used primer or is you owl plastic?

  • rhonda said:

    Hi Marcie, Different spray paints are formulated to bond with different surfaces, so it is likely the kind of paint you are using. Look for a spray paint that is formulated to adhere to glass and it should also work on glazed ceramics. Hope you get the results you are looking for!