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Friday Freebie: Valentine’s Day Printable Doodle Tags

11 January 2013 2,474 views One Comment

by rhonda

Free Printable: Valentine's Day Doodle Tags

I'm usually way behind when it comes to holiday projects, madly crafting away at the eleventh hour in order to finish in time.  This year, however, I vow to start earlier and avoid those frantic, last-minute craft sessions!  That's why I've already gotten into my Valentine's Day projects for the year.  If you have the same issues with crafty time management skills, you too can benefit from my head start on projects with these printable doodle tags!  Originally drawn with a fine-tip Sharpie on pieces of a recycled paper bag, there are tons of ways you can use these tags!

Free Printable: Valentine's Day Doodle Tags

What can you do with them besides use them as gift tags?  Combine a tag with a strip of washi tape for a simple card or to embellish an envelope and make it special in just a couple of minutes.  (I got this package of red envelopes on clearance after Christmas for half price - that's just two pennies per envelope!  I love buying red Christmas stuff on clearance after the holidays and reusing it for Valentine's Day!)  They would also work well in scrapbook layouts.

Free Printable: Valentine's Day Doodle Tags

The tags have a jagged, deckle edge.  You can choose to cut just outside the deckle for a more rustic look and a little bit of white border, or cut inside the deckle edge to remove it for a cleaner look.

Download your tags below.  How do you plan to use them?  We would love to know!

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