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Make Framed Valentine’s Day Art from Gift Bags

17 January 2013 1,923 views 2 Comments

by carissa

famed valentine art


I like having seasonal framed art up around my house on mantels and bookcase tops. While there is a lot of great printable art available online around the different holidays, I feel like I'm always out of ink or too cheap to use it (seriously, when is the dollar store going to start carrying that!). When I saw that Johnnie (she's a girl) from Saved by Love Creations was framing Valentine's Day gift bags, I knew it was the answer to my ink-related issues. The dollar store is a great place to get a variety of gift bags for any holiday - and sometimes packages gift bags in sets of  two: giving you even more bang for your buck. [how to make framed art from gift bags]

Project estimate:

  • Picture frame, $1 and up
  • Gift bag, $1 and up

Total: $2 and up

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  • Johnnie said:

    Thank you for sharing my framed gift bags!

  • Shannon Fox said:

    I love this idea. Such a smart cookie!!