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Tutorial: Chalkboard Placemat

9 January 2013 4,505 views 6 Comments

by summer

Tutorial: Chalkboard Placemat

We always, no matter how crazy our day is, sit around the table for dinner.  This can be a bit difficult with young children.  Someone is always done before everyone else or dinner is taking a little longer than expected.  I came up with a way to make those wait times a little easier on my kiddos.  Using Dollar Store placemats I created chalk boards to keep my children occupied at the table.

Tutorial: Chalkboard placemat

Project estimate:

  • Vinyl/plastic placemat, $1
  • Chalk board paint, on hand or about $5 and up
  • Foam paint brush, on hand
  • Chalk, on hand

Total: $1.00 and up


Tutorial: Chalkboard placemat

This will be one of the easiest crafts you'll ever make.  All you need to do is paint the placemat with chalk board paint.  It will take at least 2 coats.  For the best results, paint the first coat with brush strokes going on one direction (left-right or top-bottom), then apply the second coat with strokes in the opposite direction.  Let the paint dry fully.  After it is dry chalk over the entire area and wipe clean with dry cloth.  This will allow for the mat to be wiped off easily after you children draw on it.

Tutorial: Chalkboard placemat

I made a placemat above for the table.  It's my sons birthday today and its a fun way to wish him a happy birthday.  May daughter thought it would be fun to make a sign for her horse Indie's stall.  One of the ladies at our stables said it would make a wonderful mouse pad.  It's very versatile and you can do many things with this fun, easy craft!

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  • ashley emmett said:

    this is great!!

  • Beth F. said:

    Super cute!! You could punch holes in the corner and run some pretty ribbon through to hang. Love this!!

  • summer (author) said:

    What a great idea!

  • heather said:

    Happy birthday to your son!! And mine — birthday buddies!

    This is a great project, Summer!

  • Roseann said:

    Question: If they get folded or rolled does the paint crackle and come off. I’m assuming you’re using a vinyl type placemat from $Tree.

  • summer (author) said:

    Geat question! I just tried it and no. I rolled it, folded it, pulled on it and it still looks great. The Dollar Tree placemats are vinyl and not very thick. So they work great!