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Make a Portable Dollhouse

18 February 2013 6,534 views 4 Comments

by rhonda

Make a portable dollhouse

This DIY dollhouse is an absolute work of genius!  Designed by Rena at Crafts Unleashed, the whole thing folds down for easy storage.  And the best part?  One of the walls is actually a box, which can hold all of the dollhouse furnishings and occupants.  That makes this dollhouse 100% portable!  Send it off to slumber parties, bring it along when you go to Grandma's house, or fold it down to save space in a bedroom that isn't large enough for a traditional dollhouse.  Brilliant!  [how to make a portable dollhouse]

Project estimate:

  • Cardboard boxes, on hand
  • Scrapbook paper, on hand or $1 and up
  • Glue, on hand
  • Dollhouse furniture, on hand or $1 and up

Total:  Free and up

Have you seen the dollhouse furniture at Dollar Tree?  (You can even refinish dollar store dollhouse furniture to give it more style!)

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  • DM said:

    Seriously. Do I need a dollhouse? No. I’m 45 and do not have children. My nephew obviously won’t be playing with a dollhouse. But do I want one? Yes, please!

  • Serena said:

    They sell dollhouse furniture at the dollar store??

  • Lindsey said:

    I have never seen dollhouse furniture at Dollar Tree! Where do you find it? It’s not on their site either.

  • rhonda (author) said:

    @Lindsey – What they carry in-store may vary from location to location. My local store has had it in the toy section consistently for the past couple of years; is there another location nearby that you can check at? You can see a picture of the furniture and what the packaging looks like here, in case it helps you locate the furniture on the shelves: http://mrsgreene.info/2011/01/tutorial-distressed-dollhouse-furniture/