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Tutorial: Easy, Designer-Inspired Cuff Bracelet

11 February 2013 17,415 views 6 Comments

by samantha

Tutorial: Easy Cuff Bracelet

Celebrate New York Fashion Week with a DIY designer-inspired cuff bracelet!  This easy DIY was inspired by a $400 Michael Kors cuff and uses an unexpected material - a can. You can completely customize this cuff bracelet with different papers or fabrics.

Project estimate:

  • Can, on hand
  • Duct tape, on hand
  • Textured paper, about $1
  • Fingernail polish, on hand
  • Mod Podge, on hand
  • Felt, on hand
  • Spray adhesive, on hand

Total: about $1

Choice of can is important. A Hunt's tomato paste can works best since it's not too big and has a seam on both the top and the bottom of the can.

Tutorial: Easy Cuff Bracelet

For this size can you will need to cut a piece of textured or patterned paper that is 3 1/16" by 6 5/8" and a piece of felt or similar fabric for a liner at 3 3/8" by 6 5/8". To save measuring you can use a template I uploaded at examiner.com.

Remove the paste from the can and make a marinara. Wash the can.

Remove the top and bottom of the can with a can opener.

Cut the can open along the seam using tin snips. (Careful. Your edges will be sharp.) Bend it open a little so that it will slip over your arm easily.

Duct tape the edges and corners as show below.

Tutorial: Easy Cuff Bracelet

Paint the seams with gold fingernail polish or gold paint and allow to dry.

Tutorial: Easy Cuff Bracelet

Mod Podge the can and apply the paper. You can stop right here with the paper if you want a plain cuff.

Tutorial: Easy Cuff Bracelet

For a Michael Kors inspired coral snake cuff, paint the paper first using fingernail polish or craft paint. (Hot pink fingernail polish will appear coral when painted on black.)

Tutorial: Easy Cuff Bracelet

Coat the paper with Mod Podge and allow to dry.

Tutorial: Easy Cuff Bracelet

If you'd like a shiny finish, give the cuff a coat of acrylic sealer. Dry it on a broomstick propped between two chairs.

Tutorial: Easy Cuff Bracelet

Use glue, Mod Podge or spray adhesive to line the inside of the cuff with felt.

Tutorial: Easy Cuff Bracelet

Enjoy your designer-inspired cuff.

cuff after light

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  • Michelle L said:

    Great tutorial, Samantha! Nice tip to use the duct tape for those tricky sharp edges.

  • Jaggs said:

    Well done Samantha, well done! Lining with felt is a perfect final step.


  • Pearl said:

    This is just awesome! The cuff looks like a designer one!

  • Designer inspired DIY cuff. - Mod Podge Rocks said:

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  • Shalisha said:


  • Syl said:

    Fantastic. Looks like the real thing. I’d never know the difference.