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Tutorial: Shark Jewelry Holder

19 February 2013 5,743 views 8 Comments

by morena

#D Shark Necklace Holder

My sons like to accessorize with necklaces, and I've been looking for a way to help them keep their jewelry organized.  Most jewelry boxes are very feminine, so I started looking for ways to make a fun organizer that is more gender neutral.

I love the recent trend of making deer and moose heads from cardboard, and that's what inspired this idea.  My boys and I have been longtime fans of Robert Sabuda's work, and he generously shares free templates for making your own 3-D art.  I used one of his designs to create this three dimensional shark jewelry holder.

Shark Necklace Holder

Project estimate:

  • Robert Sabuda 3-D Shark Printable, free
  • Cardboard box , on hand
  • Paint, on hand
  • Wood square, on hand or $1 and up
  • Glue, on hand

Total:  Free and up!

Shark Jewelry  Holder Tutorial

To make your own 3-D Shark Jewelry Holder:

Step one:  Download and print Robert Sabuda's template here.  If sharks aren't your thing he has dozens of other templates to choose from.

Step two:  Cut out and trace the template onto cardboard, and cut out the pieces.  (Note that I only used the head, not the fin or body.)  For the dotted lines, use a razor to cut the top of the cardboard, but not all the way through!  This will make it easier to fold on the line.

Step three:  Paint the teeth white, the inside of the mouth red, and the wood square blue.

Step four:  Assemble the shark and glue as directed.  If you want a smoother edge, you can use tape to seal.

Step five:  Paint the shark silver.

Step six:  Glue the shark to the wood board, glue on eyes, and add a saw tooth hanger to the back.

My son just loves his new necklace hanger.  He thinks it's hilarious to put jewelry inside the shark's mouth!  Between all those teeth, the mouth, and the head, you can hang quite a few items on this tiny but mighty shark.  Now I need to make one more for my oldest son...maybe I'll go with the more conventional cardboard moose head this time.

Shark Jewelry holder

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  • Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects said:

    This is great!! I can also see it as a great winter gear holder like mittens and scarves!!

  • Michelle L said:

    Hahaha, that is so fun and cute! Just when you thought it was safe…

  • Alvina Castro said:

    I am so loving this! We are a total shark obsessed family!

  • carissa said:

    This is awesome! My son loves necklaces, too. What a fun idea.

  • Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama said:

    So cool!! I think I want to make one for myself… :)

  • n. said:

    i think a moose would also work well, especially if there were a lot of necklaces and you needed to separate them a lot.

  • Barbara said:

    Too cool.

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