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Make Stenciled Chalkboard Flower Pots

22 March 2013 10,646 views One Comment

by rhonda

Mske Stenciled Chalkboard Flower Pots

I love fancy flower pots. I've even been known to acquire new houseplants just as an excuse to buy particularly nice pots that catch my eye. But, and this is a big but, the cost of a pretty planter is often more than I am willing to pay. Why spend a wad of cash when you can DIY 'em for so much cheaper? We've seen chalkboard painted flower pots before, but Vanessa from Tried & True stepped these up a notch on the wow-factor scale by adding some cute stenciled designs! [how to make stenciled chalkboard flower pots]

Project estimate:

  • Flower pot, $1 and up
  • Paint, on hand or $1 and up
  • Chalkboard paint, about $5
  • Stencils, on hand or $1 and up

Total: $6 and up

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